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    Day 1 to max v1 by Aubameyang

    Recently maxed, I believe I am the perfect candidate to write this guide.

    v1 of this guide will not contain pictures(okay 1) nor xp rates (There are many guides on the forums which go into detail about each skill specifically).

    This guide isn't entirely ironman friendly but you'll still be able to gather information from it and make it work for you.

    This guide has taken me around 1 week to write, perfect & then made readable. After release I will still be editting, and further perfecting, any feedback or additional information is more than welcome.

    This guide will inform you of my personal opinion on the best route to take to max cape.

    I will not be adding xp rates since there are so many variations of xp rates with, (non member + no wishing well, non member + wishing well, member + no wishing well & member + wishing well), also there are many ways to obtain bonus xp with contributing to the wishing well, donating, skilling outfits etc.


    Firstly, you're going to want to decide how many accounts you feel comfortable with playing.
    Personally I'd highly recommend 2 (Main + money alt), alternatively you can play 3 with the additional of a slayer tagging alt.
    Don't really need an account solely to tag slayer for your main (unless you're doing a lot of post 99 Slayer).
    Absolutely nothing wrong with only playing 1 account, you'll just need to take time out of skilling to make some gp late game for buyables, gear & possibly skilling outfits.


    Next I'm going to recommend that you vote on all 4 sites as a daily habit, this will eventually get you membership for free. You can quite easily vote twice at day on TopG, Morarscape & RuneLocus, and once on RSPS-List since it's on an 18 hour timer rather than 12.
    You need 75 voting points to buy a 14-day membership bond, with each site giving you 2 voting points. If you vote on all 4 sites once a day, this will net you 112 voting points in 14 days therefore sustaining your membership.
    With the spare tickets I'd recommend imbuing slayer helm & rings.
    PSA the bonds from the voting shop are untradable and are completely different to the $4 ones from the website.


    Base information::~
    Now that you've voted you're ready to gain some virtual experience, probably not what you want to hear for a start of a guide but you're going to want to start off with Agility. I'd recommend shooting for 99 straight off the bat, but if you can at least get 80-90 that will be fine for the time being.
    On Battlescape every time your run turns itself off whilst going over an obstacle(log, rope, ledge etc) you can manually turn it back on to pass it faster, this will obviously increase your xp rates.

    Items needed::~
    Energy potions/Super energy potions/Stamina potions
    Camelot teletabs

    How to train::~
    Gnome course to 35
    Barbarian to 40
    Canifis rooftop to 60
    Seers' Village rooftop to 80*
    Rellekka rooftop to 99

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    Marks of Grace are pretty useless but I'd recommend spending them on Amylase to help with Herblore later on.
    *You can buy Camelot teletabs from Shop keeper which teleport you to the start of the Seers rooftop course.

    Alt Slayer

    If you have decided to play w/an alt here is the perfect time to start it.
    For an alt on Battlescape my suggestion is a Gargoyle alt. They don't have any massive drops, but they bring in a lot of skilling supplies, alchables & cash for the main. The requirements aren't too demanding & they're self sustaining profit.
    I wouldn't recommend choosing an alt which relies on other players buying your loot, i.e. Green Dragons (bones), as for Rune Dragons I only did about 10 of these just to test. The regular drops aren't too impressive you're kind of relying on a big drop, then you're relying on somebody buying it from you.

    To start slayer head into the house west of the Edgeville bank, and you'll see an npc called Nieve.
    On Battlescape there is only one slayer master(Nieve) but if you talk to her, & choose get task you'll get a bunch of options to choose which master you want the task from.
    Without writing a Jk Rowling book about this section, you're literally going to want to continue slayer until 75, focusing on your melee's, gathering the cash drops & upgrading gear along the way.
    (3rd alt(to tag for main)) Repeat but go to either 85 Slayer for Abyssal demons.
    On the alt you're going to want a Dragon Defender, Fire Cape & a Torso (Pest Control). Obtain these when you please.

    Alt in action

    Base information::~
    Now you're 75 Slayer on your alt, it's time to just slave Gargoyles for loot.
    If you're not base 85s/90s continue Slayer or just afk something in the Catacombs.

    Items needed::~
    Neitz, Fury, Whip, Dragon Defender, Fire cape/Infernal, Torso, Verac's skirt, Barrows Gloves, Dragon boots, Berserker ring. (Full Guthan's).
    Nature runes
    Fire runes
    Super combat potions
    Amulet of glory(or any other form of instant teleport to a bank)

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    You're also going to want full Guthans, it works like a charm, use anglers before you can get your hands ln it.
    Once you've made enough spare gp you'll want to upgrade to Bandos & Bludgeon. With enough spare vote points, imbue your Berserker Ring.
    Inventory is 5 Super combats, alch runes & Guthans, no need for any type of prayers.
    Would recommend 2nd floor Slayer Tower, as the basement only really has one good spot(SE corner), and you don't want to be sharing the spot or hogging it for weeks.


    Now you've mastered Agility, but depending where you're on your alt, you have a few options.
    1).If you enjoyed Slayer on the alt, you can start Slayer on the main (Wouldn't recommend rushing, since you're going to want 94 magic first).
    2).If you're slacking with the alt, you can start Thieving for a bit of extra cash(it's not great money, but will give you a bit).
    3).Woodcutting + Firemaking + Fletching.
    Personally after Agility I started Woodcutting & Fletching for gp. I knocked out 70 Fletching and started making Yew longbows + stringing, then alching (Before I had an alt).
    If your alt is up & running I wouldn't recommend stringing, just fletch & drop everything.
    All Woodcutting & Fletching can be done inside the Woodcutting guild.

    Woodcutting, Fletching, Alching

    Base information::~
    If you aren't playing an alt I would recommend doing Woodcutting, Fletching & Alching now.
    Not entirely sure if Dragon axe is faster than Rune axe on Battlescape, but if you can get your hands on one it definitely won't slow you down.
    Firstly you're going to go to Rock Crabs just to get 55 magic using your Mind runes.

    Items needed::~
    Woodcutting axe
    Bow string

    How to train(Garg alt)::~
    Trees to level 20 Fletching
    Oaks to level 35 Fletching (Can stop at 37 and make steel darts later)
    Willows to level 50 Fletching (Make use of Fletching the shields for most xp)
    Maples to level 65 Fletching (Make use of Fletching the shields for most xp)
    Yews to level 80 Fletching (Make use of Fletching the shields for most xp)
    Mages to level 82 Fletching

    How to train(no alt)::~
    Trees to level 20 Fletching
    Oaks to level 35 Fletching
    Willows to level 50 Fletching (Make use of Fletching the shields for most xp)
    Maples to level 65 Fletching (Make use of Fletching the shields for most xp)
    Yews to level 80 Fletching (Don't bother banking/stringing if you don't need gp) (Shields at 72 Fletching)
    Mages to level 92 Fletching (Shields at 87 Fletching)
    Redwood to level 99 Fletching (Shields)

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    [Alt Users only]Before reaching 82, make around 30,000-40,000 arrows shafts to finish 99 Fletching later.
    Yews...Either fletch the longs then bank them, or bank the logs for later.
    Shields do not have any crafting requirements on Battlescape
    [Alt Users only]Stop Fletching bows at 82.
    Check Grand Exchange 2-3 times a day for logs.


    Items needed::~
    Woodcutting axe

    How to train::~
    Logs to 15
    Oaks to 30
    Willows to 45
    Maples to 60
    Yews to 75
    Mages to 90
    Redwoods to 99

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    PSA you can light one log then use the other logs onto the already existing fire, like bonfires in rs3.
    From Woodcutting & Firemaking you'll gain, clue scrolls, bird nests & supply crates.
    Clue scrolls reward you with various collectable junk, most of it can just be alched for profit or collected depending on person.
    Bird nests can be opened for an egg, and eggs can be exchanged at the pool within the Woodcutitng guild for 400k cash & a nest containinng a seed.
    Supply crates are more or less the same as Osrs, and will reward you with raw fish, seeds, gems etc.(Save everything, it'll come in use later)(Saltpetre, Limestone & dynamite has no use as of writing this guide).
    Check Grand Exchange 2-3 times a day for logs.

    At this point I'm going to suggest that you finish 99 Woodcutting & Firemaking.


    Base information::~
    The only real point of levelling ranged is for a Fire Cape/Infernal(To clarify this comment. In terms of anything related to obtaining a Max cape, not referring to any type of pvm that this guide doesn't mention)

    Items needed::~
    How to train::~
    Early Slayer or Sand Crabs.
    [Alternatively] Chins w/Slayer (Will probably already obtain 99 Ranged before tackling Hunter)

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    You gain some Range xp via tagging with Barrage Slayer(If using main).
    Two ways to get an Avas; Pest Control or Legends quest.
    Personally I left Fire Cape until I was a gold membership so I could skip to wave 31.

    No other real advice here, do where & when you please.


    Base information::~
    Now your alt should be fully up & running, or you've collected a good source of gp from Firemaking, it's time for Slayer.
    Get 94 magic for barrage.(Alching is very fast)
    Buy runes from Ajjat.
    Buy bones from Grand Exchange for 43 Prayer. (Use bones on altar east of Edgeville bank).
    Refer to Alt Slayer to understand how/where to get tasks from.

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    Slayer is a great way to start Farming & Herblore. Collect all seeds & herbs and casual make potions along the way.

    Barrage Slayer

    Base information::~
    Use darts or blowpipe to tag

    Items needed::~
    Slayer helm(i), Proselyte top & bottoms, fury, Holy wraps & boots, Ring of the gods, Fire Infernal cape, Master wand, Unholy book, Skill cape.( Some of these items are mid-late game, can be swapped out for Ancient staff, Glory, Neitz helm/Black mask, God vestment cloak).
    Prayer potions/Super restores

    How to train::~
    Tag npcs' with darts or a Blowpipe, stack them all within a 3x3 radius then barrage.

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    With barrage Slayer you want max prayer bonus rather than max magic bonus as funny as it seems.
    Only Protect melee is needed, you do not need to use Mystic Might.

    Tasks to complete::~
    (No Slayer req) Dagannoth (Catacombs)
    (No Slayer req) Ankou (Catacombs)
    (No Slayer req) Kalphites (Kalphite hive)
    (65 Slayer req) Dust Devils (Catacombs)
    (80 Slayer req) Nechryael (Catacombs)
    (85 Slayer req) Abyssal demon (Catacombs)
    (93 Slayer req) Smoke devils (Smoke Devil Dungeon)

    Barraging Smoke Devils

    Base information::~
    I'm still not totally convinced by this task since Battlescape doesn't have dwarf cannon & skeleton lure spot doesn't work.
    My advice is to stick to basic gear before upgrading specifically for Smoke Devils, as you might not like them.
    Smoke Devils are the only task you barrage that you need magic bonus for rather than prayer bonus.
    Use Mystic might or Augury.
    Can also use Imbued heart.

    Items needed::~
    Slayer helmet(i), Ahrims, Fury, Mages' book, Wizard boots, Imbued saradomin cape, Master wand, Seers ring(i)
    Upgrade/downgrade wherever possible (Max magic bonus you're able to get your hands on)
    Prayer potions/Super restore

    How to train::~
    Read carefully so you can wrap your head around my method.
    You want to tag all the smoke devils inside the white box with either darts on long range or Blowpipe.
    Run south so any Smoke devils north of the red line are now south of it.
    Then run behind the big pillar [yellow box].
    Once all smoke devils are piled the other side(blue box) take 2 steps east and barrage them.

    Extra information/conclusion::~

    Melee Slayer

    Base information::~
    Use best gear you can
    ~Get Dragon defender at 60 Defence
    ~Get Torso from Pest Control at around 60 Attack/Strength
    ~Get Verac's Skirt at 70 Defence
    ~Get 70 Prayer at 70 Defence (Buy Dragon Bones from Grand Exchange @ 20k each)
    ~Get Barrows gloves when you think you're strong enough [[GUIDE:: https://www.battle-scape.com/threads...ecipe+Disaster ]]
    ~Buy a Black Mask asap

    Items needed::~
    Super combat potions
    Prayer potions/Super restores

    Tasks to complete::~
    (No Slayer req) Dagannoth (Dagannoth kings > South room)
    (No Slayer req) Greater Demons (Catacombs)
    (No Slayer req) Black Demons (Catacombs & Chasm of fire)
    (60 Slayer req) Aberrant Spectre (Stronghold Slayer Cave)
    (66 Slayer req) Fossil Wyverns (Living Wyverns North Cave)
    (72 Slayer req) Skeletal Wyverns (Asgarnian Ice Dungeon)
    (75 Slayer req) Gargoyles (Basement Slayer Tower)
    (90 Slayer req) Dark Beasts (Mourner Tunnels)

    Tasks to block::~
    Cave Kraken
    Fire Giant

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    Collect herbs & seeds from Aberrant Spectres.
    Mostly personal preference, just don't block barrage tasks if you want to be efficient.
    With Gold membership herbs, key halves & Ensouled heads will be noted.
    Dagannoths' can also be meleed within Waterbirth.

    Now you should have 99 Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Hitpoints, Agility, Slayer, Firemaking & Woodcutting.

    Now you've finished Firemaking & Slayer, this is the perfect time to start farming.


    Base information::~
    If you have followed the guide so far you'll have a lot of seeds to burn through.
    Get Magic secateurs from Abandoned Mine quest.
    Farming on Battlescape is very similar to Osrs, if you're having trouble remembering all the patches use https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/ for reference, and search for allotment patches, herb patches & tree patches.
    If you need low end allotment seeds, they can be bought from skilling seller within Edgeville.
    This is also a good time to browse the Grand Exchange for seeds.
    Use Fertile Soil on the Lunar spellbook for Supercompost (83 Magic, 3x Astrals, 2x Natures, 15x Earths).
    Once you get to level 47 for watermelons, I wouldn't recommend doing any other allotment seeds other than watermelons.
    Constantly do herb patches, reference your Herblore level.
    Plant the best tree seeds you can.

    Items needed::~
    Seed dibber
    Gardening trowel
    Magic secateurs
    Watering can
    Any axe
    Various teleports (See patches)
    Any staff which provides earth runes
    Nature runes
    Astral runes

    Seeds::~ Potatoes(1), Onion(5), Cabbage(7), Tomato(12), Sweetcorn(20), Strawberry(31), Watermelon(47)

    Patches::~ Harmony Island, Catherby, South of Falador, Zeah(North-east of Sand Crabs), Ardougne(East of Fishing Guild), Port Phasmartys(Run from Canifis)

    Herb seeds::~
    Seeds::~ Guam(9), Marrentill(14), Tarromin(19), Harralander(26), Ranarr(32), ToadFlax(38), Irit(44), Avantoe(50), Kwuarm(56), Snapdragon(62), Cadantine(67), Lantadyme(73), Dwarf(79), Torstol(85)

    Patches::~ Harmony Island, Trollheim, Catherby, South of Falador, Zeah(North-east of Sand Crabs), Ardougne(East of Fishing Guild), Port Phasmartys(Run from Canifis)

    Tree seeds::~
    Seeds::~ Acorn(15), Willow(30), Maple(45), Yew(60), Magic(75)

    Patches::~ Falador, Taverly, Lumbridge, Varrock, Gnome Stonghold

    Fruit seeds::~
    Seeds::~ Apple(27), Banana(33), Orange(39), Curry(42), Pineapple(51), Papaya(57), Palm(68)

    Patches::~ Gnome Stronghold, Catherby, Tree Gnome(Use fairy ring CIQ), Lletya, Brimhaven.

    How to train::~
    For allotment patches, buy low end seeds from shops within Edgeville if needed, once you hit 47 I wouldn't recommend planting anything other than watermelons.
    For herb patches, plant anything, take into consideration your Herblore level.
    For tree patches, plant everything & anything
    For fruit patches, wouldn't recommend doing anything below papaya.

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    All farming equipment can be bought from skilling seller within Edgeville.
    You can use an empty watering can to turn filled plant pots into trees & fruit trees.
    In your Runelite side panel you have all the farming timers.
    Farmers can be paid 10k to look after your patches, no need for secondaries.
    Only pay farmers to look after trees & fruit trees.
    Numbers in brackets are the level requirement for each seed.
    Buy Trollheim & Harmony Island teletabs from general store.


    How to train::~
    Make anything and everything you've gathered from Firemaking, Slayer & Farming.

    Items needed::~
    Vials of water
    Various secondaries

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    You'll struggle to buy any of these type of supplies from Grand Exchange, so just make sure you're doing plenty of farm runs.
    All secondaries can be bought from skilling seller within Edgeville.
    Bob Barter (north-west of Edgeville bank) will clean your herbs for 50 gp each.
    Bob Barter (north-west of Edgeville bank) will make unfinished potions for you for 50 gp each.
    Train Herblore within Edgeville to make use of the load-out system.


    Base information::~
    Supplies can be bought from skilling seller within Edgeville
    [CHEAPER METHOD]~Molten Glass

    Items needed::~
    Glassblowing pipe
    Molten glass

    How to train::~
    Sapphire(20), Emerald(27), Ruby(43), Diamond(43), Dragonstone(55)
    Beer Glass(1), Candle Latern(4), Oil Lamp(12), Vial(33), Fishbowl(42), Orb(46), Lens(49), Light Orb(87)

    I recommend just doing gems, they're cheap enough

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    Stop at 10.2m xp (Straight to 99 if non-alt user)
    Diamonds are 0.2gp/xp
    Light orbs are 0.05gp/xp
    This will cost about 2-3m at most
    Very afk, do this skill within Edgeville to use load-outs


    How to train::~
    Crafting stall at level 1
    Food stall at level 20
    General stall at level 40
    Magic stall at level 60
    Scimitar stall at 80

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    Since a recent update the stalls have moved places and are no longer next to a bank chest, so you have two options.
    Option 1
    Sell items straight to Martin Thwait
    Option 2
    Create an empty load-out, by going into quest tab > All-Load-outs > then saving an empty one. This way you can just bank all the items from the stalls, but when the thieving items are in the bank they cannot be taken out noted.
    The thieving items aren't really worth much anyway so the decision is down to you.
    Battlescape does have pickpocketing but I do not recommend it, since you cannot attack the npcs' to lure them, or splash on them using another account to null movement.
    Player moderator Zik recommends pickpocketing.


    Base information::~
    If you banked your raw fish from supply crates, cook them now, to save yourself having to bank the low end fish.
    All fishing can be done within Fishing guild except Anglerfish.
    Anglerfish can be caught south east of the Piscarilius House teleport.

    Items needed::~
    Small net
    Fishing rod
    Fishing bait
    Fly fishing rod
    Lobster pot
    (Tinderbox & logs, if cooking fish at Edgeville)

    How to train::~
    Shrimp(1), Sardine(5), Herring(10), Trout(20), Salmon(30), Tuna(35), Lobster(40), Swordfish(50), Monkfish(62), Karam(65), Shark(76), Anglerfish(82)

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    Equipment can be bought from skilling seller within Edgeville.
    Fish the best you can, taking note of your cooking level, as the level to catch fish doesn't always correspond with the cooking requirement.
    Unusual fish can be traded to Roachey within the Fishing guild for 400k coins(Talk to).
    Sharks & Anglers are pretty similar xp/hr. Sharks give a chance of unusual fish, Anglers don't. Anglers are more afk.
    Afaik the best cooking spot is Zulrah fire. Alternative to this you can light a fire within Edgeville to cook using the load-out system.


    Base information::~
    It honestly doesn't matter which order you do Mining/Smithing in(If Garg alt user).
    Not entirely sure if Dragon pickaxe is faster than Rune pickaxe on Battlescape, but if you can get your hands on one it definitely won't slow you down.

    Items needed::~

    How to train::~
    If you aren't banking ores do something like;
    Tin > Iron > Coal > Mithril > Addy + Rune > Amethyst
    [NON-ALT USER] If you're banking ores, I'm going to recommend doing gold ore.
    This part is a bit of a guessing game on my behalf as I did not have to bank any ore to supply Smithing, but from my logical stand point gold ores would seem the way to go. They are not terrible mining xp, as for Smithing you only need 1 ore per bar rather than having to gather a bunch of coal.

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    Three types of gloves are obtained from Mining within the Mining guild, you'll randomly obtain unidentified minerals these can be exchanged at Belona within the mining guild for, Mining gloves(60 minerals), Superior mining gloves(120 minerals), Expert mining gloves(Mining gloves + Superior mining gloves + 60 minerals).
    These gloves give less chance of the ore depleting upon mining.
    I don't have any macro efficiency calculations for Mining, but I know you shouldn't just do the best ore you can at that level, bit different to the other skills. Try to use your initiative to determine which ore is more xp.
    At 92, alt users can move to amethyst, use a chisel on them & make arrowtips to finish off 99 Fletching & Crafting.
    Here's where you've been saving your arrow shafts for.
    Arrow shafts + Feathers = Headless arrows + Amethyst arrowtips


    Base information::~
    This section depends whether you've made a Gargoyle alt or not.
    If you have a Gargoyle alt you can use the bars from it, non alt user proceed to mining first.
    Use ores & bars from Mining, supply crates & crystal keys to get either 34, 40 or 48.
    34 Smithing::~ Steel darts
    40 Smithing::~ Gold ore
    48 Smithing::~ Steel platebodies

    Items needed::~

    How to train::~
    Post 99 Fletching plan
    Dart tips + gold ore on furnace

    No post 99 Fletching plan
    Platebodies + gold ore on furnace

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    Best furnace is Edgeville using load-out system.
    Best anvil to use is Edgeville.
    Since 31/03 you can use load-outs anywhere in Edgeville.
    Don't forget to check Grand Exchange to see if anyone is doing any nice deals on the bars/ores you require.


    Base information::~
    I've left Hunter till second last as it doesn't lead onto another skill and isn't really that useful. (You could use chins for ranged, but I'm guessing you're going to be 99 ranged by this point anyway).
    Hunter on Battlescape can be pretty tedious.
    Different compared to Osrs, as the npcs' aren't attracted to your traps.
    When they walk directly over your trap, this will trigger the trap to either catching or failing.
    All equipment can be bought from skilling seller within Edgeville.
    No need for any form of tick manipulation as you lay the traps fast on here.

    Items needed::~
    Bird snare
    Butterfly net
    Butterfly jars
    Box traps

    How to train::~
    Crimson Swifts 1-15 (Corsair Cove, north-east through the rocks) (Very tedious, by far the worst part about Hunter).
    Ruby harvest butterflies 15-25 (Piscatoris Hunter Area, head a little west)(PSA USE NPC TAGGING ON RUNELITE SO YOU CAN SEE THESE BETTER)
    Sapphire glacialis 25-35 (Rellekka > hunting expert)(PSA USE NPC TAGGING ON RUNELITE SO YOU CAN SEE THESE BETTER)
    Snowy knight 35-45 (Rellekka > hunting expert, then head west)(PSA USE NPC TAGGING ON RUNELITE SO YOU CAN SEE THESE BETTER)
    Black warlock 45-53 (Corsair Cove, north-west through the rocks)(PSA USE NPC TAGGING ON RUNELITE SO YOU CAN SEE THESE BETTER)
    Grey Chins 53-63 (Piscatoris Hunter Area, then south-east)
    Red chins 63-99 (Corsair Cove, north through the rocks)
    Black chins 73-99 (Not necessary)(Wilderness)

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    There is a banker in the Rellekka hunting area to the north.
    When Hunting chins you want to lay your traps diagonally(Either NW to SE or NE to SW).
    You want your traps open from all angles, if you have two traps next to each other the second trap isn't going to catch any chins from the angle you're blocking with your first trap.


    Base information::~
    If you've proceeded with the Gargoyle alt route you'll have no problem with essences.
    Non-alt users buy essences from Grand Exchange.
    Go to the Abyss in level 5 wilderness to obtain, pouches & talismans.
    If no death talisman try buy from Grand Exchange
    Airs(1), Minds(2), Waters(5), Earths(9), Fires(14), Bodys(20), Cosmics(27), Chaos(35), Natures(44), Deaths(65), Bloods(77), Souls(90)

    You aren't going to need every talisman, by the time you've used an inventory of essences on the air altar you'll be way above 10.
    I suggest getting air, mind(YOU NEED FOR A DIARY), Fire, cosmic chaos & nature.

    Items needed::~

    How to train::~
    Highest altar you can do.
    All pouches you can.
    Once you get to 65 I recommend staying here till 99.
    At 75 use small pouch, large pouch & giant (This setup means you can just bank once to fill pouch instead of twice if you're using all 4 pouches).

    Extra information/conclusion::~
    Small pouch(1), Medium pouch(25), Large pouch(50), Giant pouch(75).
    Battlescape has ZMI but I wouldn't recommend the hassle, altars work fine.
    Battlescape has Zeah rc but I cannot comment on this as I haven't tried it, I've heard people say stick with death runes.
    No need to run to the altars, right click on the talisman to teleport.
    Use Edgeville & load-out system.

    [[MORE INDEPTH RUNECRAFTING GUIDE HERE::https://www.battle-scape.com/threads...Crafting-Guide]]


    Items needed::~
    Bones/Ensouled heads.

    How to train::~
    Buy bones and/or Ensouled heads from Grand Exchange to finish 99.
    Use on altar east of Edgeville bank.

    Congratulations on maxing
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    Additional information/tips/PSAs'

    There are 9 skilling outfits + 2 gauntlets::~
    -Agility ~ Graceful
    -Cooking ~ Cooking gauntlets
    -Farming ~ Farmer's outfit
    -Firemaking ~ Pyromancer
    -Fishing ~ Angler
    -Hunter ~ Larupia
    -Mining ~ Prospector
    -Runecrafting ~ Elidinis
    -Smithing ~ Goldsmith gauntlets
    -Thieving ~ Rogue
    -Woodcutting ~ Lumberjack

    Skilling outfits give 12.5% extra xp.
    Cooking gauntlets lower burn level of some fish.
    Goldsmith gauntlets give 2.5x more xp.
    These are obtained from purchasing a bond, either from the website($4) or from another player/Grand Exchange(15-20m).
    Outfits aren't really necessary for 99's, but if you have spare gp feel free.

    Bonds from the voting store are NOT the same as bonds from the website.
    Bonds from voting store can only be used only 14-day membership.
    Bonds from website/other players can be used on membership, skilling outfits, gauntlets, mystery box, RoW(i), Blood money & more.

    Goid membership benefits I feel that will help you max::~
    Gold membership increase xp rates by 5%.
    Gold membership notes all Ensouled heads, half key & herb drops.
    Gold membership gives 25% larger coin drops.
    Gold membership gives 25% more Pest Control Points.
    Gold membership gives 25% more slayer points.
    Gold membership lets you skip to wave 31 during Fight Cave.
    Gold membership lets you sell items to the general store for alch price.
    (Other benefits can be found within Quest tab > View Guide > 8.Bonds and Gold Membership > 2.Gold Member Benefits).

    You can use a log on an already existing fire like bonfires in rs3.

    Battlescape has only 1 slayer master npc. Talk to Nieve in the west house of Edgeville bank, select get task, this will open up to 5 more slayer masters.

    You do not need nose peg for Aberrant spectres.
    You do not need rock hammer for Gargoyles.

    During Agility every time your run turns itself off whilst going over an obstacle(log, rope, ledge) you can manually turn it back on to pass it faster, this will obviously increase your xp rates.

    With a tinderbox in your inventory you can use a log on a log to start a fire.

    Use Runelite plugins as much as possible to help your grind, using npc tagging when catching butterflies is very important.

    Check Grand Exchange 2-3 times a day for any type of materials.

    99% of the teleports you require can be done via the wizard.

    Fletching leather shields within Battlescape do not have any crafting requirements.

    Upon dying within Battlescape your items can be retrieved from Perdu north of Edgeville bank for a small fee.

    Arcis will reward you with coins just for playing, he can be found within Edgeville bank [READ MORE HERE]::~ https://www.battle-scape.com/threads...d-Starter-Pack

    Since 31/03 you can use load-outs anywhere in Edgeville which increases xp rates for Prayer, Smithing & Runecrafting [READ MORE HERE]::~https://www.battle-scape.com/threads...-and-Edgeville
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    Update table
    Last updated 04/04/2019

    [28/03] Confirmed Fletching leather shields do not have a crafting requirement
    [29/03] Changed best anvil to use from Varrock to Rellekka *Credit Zik*
    [31/03] Changed npc locations in reflection to todays Edgeville overhaul update
    [01/04] Added skill icons to each header
    [03/04] Amended load-out system information to reflect the Edgeville overhaul update
    [04/04] Made changes to Thieving
    [04/04] Changed npc who sells skilling supplies from Chadwell to skilling seller to reflect the Edgeville overhaul update
    [07/04] Added Anglerfish & Unusual fish into the Fishing part of the guide.

    Future updates
    A write up on some quests
    A picture explaining my box traps setup
    Broad bolt method for Fletching, from Slayer shop
    Content table
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    Skimmed a 1/3rd as i'm not at that stage and do not wish for information overload to distract me.

    Will be coming back to this regular.

    Tight guide

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    Read through the guide briefly, seems simple enough for someone who has some idea what they're doing

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    Come on you gooners

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    Quote Originally Posted by god View Post
    come on you gooners
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    Very detailed and helfull guide for new users. #COYG

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    Sticky dis

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    Very informative, nice job.

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