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    Sep 2016
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    Wilderness Updates

    Bosses and demi-bosses now have a 1 in 5 chance to drop a mysterious emblem, like on OSRS Bounty Hunter worlds. This should help make these bosses more rewarding for anyone killing them.

    Slayer tasks assigned by Krystilia will now provide 25% larger coin stacks than PvM outside of the wilderness. Not only more coins, but blood money per monster kill has also been doubled while on task. If you get assigned a monster with unique drops, you'll also find a 10% drop rate boost while on task.

    To help deal with the increase in emblem farming, emblems will no longer be recieved as drops from kills and will also not upgrade their tier unless your Bounty Hunter target was carrying an emblem. Emblems can also no longer be dropped while inside the wilderness.

    Ancient warrior (PvP) weapons can now be used outside of the wilderness for PvM. However, they will still degrade while in combat and turn to dust after 1 hour of use. While this may seem useless, melee PvP weapons are best DPS for their respective attack styles against bosses. This includes Vesta's spear working against Corporeal Beast.

    Three other additional changes include revenant drops being improved, the opened looting bag no longer asking for an amount when picking up items, and the contact graphic for the tele block spell added.

    In Other News

    • The magic cape can now be used to change your spellbook 5 times a day.
    • Joing a clan war will no longer reset boosted stats.
    • Added mystic robes (dusk) to the magic and dragon slayer shops.
    • Reduced the cost of resetting your defence level to 500K.
    • Lowered the protection value of the clue scroll team capes.
    • Odium and malediction ward upgrades can now be dismantled.
    • Slightly changed the coin drop size calculation.
    • Small improvement to the drop rate of the staff of the dead and armadyl crossbow.
    • Reduced the cost of xerician robes from the magic shop.
    • Using a dragon spear special against a bound target will no longer cancel the special and use a normal attack.
    • Fixed searching for PvP weapons on the grand exchange.
    • Fixed the mouse wheel zoom option not saving when you relog.
    • Fixed morrigan's throwing axe protection value being way too high.

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    Jan 2017
    Thanks Pali im going to kill ppl in wildy doing this <3
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    Oct 2016
    best update so far
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    Jan 2017
    Hella nice
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    Feb 2019
    Quote Originally Posted by west View Post
    best update so far
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    Dec 2018
    Magic cape finally. Also a typo in "Joining" clan war.
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    Feb 2019
    My g My g
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    Nov 2018
    Finally me and @D34d Pk3r can punch each others butt using my boxing glove.
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    Jul 2018
    Very good update, just keep them rolling in.
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    Dec 2016
    good shit man
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