Immense is a new generation rsps Pure clan created by previous leaderships from past rsps clans. As a group of friends we have decided to revive the rsps clanning scene once again and take on anybody who wish to challenge us. If you are interested in joining then feel free to come chill around in our Discord and Teamspeak to get to know who we are and join our community.


Allen | Im Immense
Dripz | Steaming

High Council
Bob | Turtle15
Patrick | Patrick

Zack | Butthole

Siyika | Siyika
Syracuse | Syracuse

In Order to be accepted into the clan the following Requirements must be Met;

-You Must Apply by replying below to this topic with the correct application format
-Connect to both Teamspeak and Discord whenever online
-Must have a fully maxed pure with Clanwars gear and 30+ return sets

*Application in next reply to topic

-No Flaming
-No Scaming
-No Bsing
-No Multi Clanning with other bs clans
-You must attend atleast 1 event a week to maintain member status