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    RuneLite has been updated, and includes new features such as fog and skyboxes. A number of other bug fixes and improvements have been made, and for more information please check the RuneLite website.

    Blood and Soul Altar

    Blood and souls runes can now be runecrafted using pure essence. Use the Great Kourend Runecrafting teleport under skilling to get started. A bank and essence mine is located at the center, with a short walk to either altar.

    Blood runes provide 10.5 XP per rune, and soul runes provide 11 XP per rune. This is the XP rate before and boosts are applied, including game mode type.

    Combat, Slayer, and Monsters

    • Increased the strength bonus of the serpentine helm to +5.
    • Attacking a player/monster (but not being hit yourself) will no longer apply a logout delay.
    • Prayers can now be changed while actions are locked (such as while teleporting).
    • Your defence level now be reset at the cost of 1M coins.
    • Tournaments will now remember the last 4 modes to avoid repeats (except for 4 PM - the bond tournament).
    • Added the adamant and rune dragon task extenion slayer unlocks.
    • Kree'arra will now also use melee attacks if you aren't attacking back.
    • Increased the drop rate of PvP weapons from revenants and wilderness bosses.
    • Increased the chances of a dragon impling spawning.
    • Raids scavenger runts have been replaced with scavenger beasts.

    Shop Changes

    • Halved the price of iban's staff.
    • Reduced the price of castle wars items in the pest control shop.
    • The clue scroll team capes have been added to the team cape shop.
    • The blood money shop has been given a number of new additions.

    In Other News

    • The dark relic can now be exchanged for experience.
    • Equip models for PvP weapons now use the correct OSRS versions.
    • The looting bag can now be opened to deposit items picked up directly into the bag.
    • The rune pouch option when saving loadouts will now default to off if you don't have the pouch in your inventory.
    • Increased the XP given by wyrm, drake, and hydra bones.
    • The game will better keep any capitalization in your username.
    • Krystilia will now cancel wilderness tasks for 30 points.
    • A small boost has been applied to coin drop rates.
    • Improved the new account starter.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed drop rate boosts not applying in Raids.
    • Fixed an issue with custom tournaments providing less than the correct quantity of the prizes.
    • Fixed the text on the tournament interface.
    • Fixed the seed box empty/check options.
    • Fixed clicking the tile you're standing on not cancelling combat.
    • Fixed loadouts not adjusting your rune pouch.
    • Fixed your saved default bank quantity not correctly displaying when relogging.
    • Fixed prayer flicking.
    • Fixed releasing hunter animals.
    • Fixed a safe spot in the deep wilderness dungeon.
    • Fixed tournament rooms getting more than 2 players when a large number of players are entered.
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    good start
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    Good work my son
    Real eyes realise real lies
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    Feb 2019
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    ty less grindy the better
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    Very impressive, so fucking hyped right now on this
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    great work
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    Empire @Warlord

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    Sounds good
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    @palidino , when i open looting bag and click Dragon bone on ground its asking me to enter the amount which is very annoying , can you make it so when i click it automatically goes to looting bag without asking?
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