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  1. #1 Using items on bank booth (Quality of life)  - 01-08-2019
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    Dec 2018
    I am in the fishing guild when I noticed I cannot use my raw fish on the bank booth to note them. It just gives me the response "nothing interesting happens". It would be greatly appreciated to implement this into the game for it would make a good quality of life improvement for people while they are skilling. Also, using noted items on bank booths to turn them into un noted would be awesome as well! I hope you take this into consideration and I also hope this gets implemented into the game at some point in the near future!
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    Jan 2019
    This would be a great update! +1 from me.
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    May 2017
    I am a great supporter of this suggestion, would also help if bank deposit box wouldn't bank skilling items such as Nets, Harpoons, Axes and whatnot when pressing Bank inventory button.
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