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  1. #1 Iron Man Slayer Task List - Useful Items/Helpful Skips.  - 01-01-2019
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    Nov 2018
    This is my List for ironmen, you can change it up a bit for tasks you do like or some you do not like but here it is.

    Key: Do Task Possible Task Skip/Block

    Aberrant spectre Good herbs and seeds, very useful task for superior chance and resources

    Abyssal demon Whip drop. Useful for kraken tent charges and also exchanging for bonds.


    Black demon Zen shards. Apart from using this task to kill Demonic gorillas quicker I would not do it.

    Black dragon Use task to go kill kbd.

    Bloodveld 0 useful drops. Only do task for chance for superior or for barrage mage xp.

    Blue dragon Use task to go kill Vorkath. Good resources/alchs/superior bones. Chance at Visage.

    Cave horror Black mask.

    Cave kraken Trident. Kraken Tent. Would not advise doing the boss until trident from smaller ones unlocked. Boss also not worth while unless going for completion/pet.

    Dagannoth Use task to go kill Dag Kings

    Dark beast Do Not Extend. Fast points and good xp.

    Dust devil


    Fire giant

    Fossil Island Wyvern Worth while task if you can manage them. If not skip. Chance at visage.

    Gargoyle Very easy Gp income, 1m+ a task. Chance at superiors.

    Greater demon Use this task to go kill Zammy GWD. Afk in catas for totem chance. Apart from using this task to go zammy 0 useful drops from regulars.

    Hellhound Use this task to go kill Cerb. If you do not like cerb, just skip.

    Iron dragon


    Kurask Easy enough task. Chance at superior is the only worth while thing from this task.

    Mithril dragon Quick and easy, only a low amount to kill.

    Nechryael Easy seeds and xp, worth while barraging in cata. Chance at superiors

    Red dragon

    Rune dragon Dragon crossbow limbs. Its ok to do this task but low chance at uniques, wastes a bit of food and pots.

    Skeletal Wyvern Worth while doing for bones, chance at Visage

    Smoke devil Occult necklace. Worth while doing the boss for Tome of fire, Occult necklace.

    Spiritual creatures Ok until Dboots achieved, drops a lot of pure ess.

    Steel dragon
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    Why would you skip dust devils, kalphites and hellhounds? They're so fast exp when barraging them
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    Nov 2018
    I just don't like them, i did say it was my list
    Not worth for me barraging because no worth while drops.
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    Dec 2018
    I honestly would do dust devils, kalphites and hellhounds until you obviously had 99 magic. I would also do metal dragons for the chance for a visage. If you have that already, I would skip also. Other than that, accurate info and agree with the rest of it
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