What about adding a 'High Risk Wilderness Wilderness' option to the Mage Of Zamorak in edge bank so people can risk +1s and risk fight properly now that you can only stake coins in Duel Arena i think it would be a good alternative for the minority who want high risk high reward and also for the new players who come in chat asking about pking, it may give them some motivation to build some bank knowing they can have some fun risk fighting.

( A long shot ) But also Elo system or some kind of leader board added to get edge a lil more active where one would get a chance to win some money each week like before with the Rares in the well but lower it down to like 10m coins per week and keep it Targ based again. OR something like after every 10 Tournaments you victor you receive an additional sum of coins? to boost the activity in tourn also.

Just suggestions, have plenty so i thought id put it out there. No Biggie.