Updated Rules : Scamming ; 1.a. Trust Gambling [staking]

It is unfortunate that this rule needs to be updated however the staff team feels that this will resolve a number of issues in game and benefit the server and its players.

Trust Based Gambling is now against the rules.

This mainly effects but is not limited to; Staking and risk fighting.

Item staking, although fun for some that partake in it, is in the long term harmful to the economy of BattleScape, something that we are keen to preserve for as long as possible so as to prevent the W2 server meeting the same fate as the W1 server. Jagex has similar views on this subject for their games, hence why item staking is disabled on both versions of runescape as well. Seen as the client that we use already has this mechanic embedded into it, and in the light of the recent number of scamming occurrences;

avoiding the game mechanics by 'trust staking' (holding items and trading over to the victor) is now against the rules.

Although this addition rarely effects risk fighting as opponents are generally using and risking the items which is obviously fine, please do not attempt to 'trust' risk fight either by holding a lot of items in the bank and trading to the victor, or agreeing to risk plus ones. Furthermore, if we see other trust based gambling methods being used, whatever that may be, we will stop them from taking place.

The punishment for breaking this rule will apply equally to all parties involved, regardless of if a scam takes place or not. If we discover players breaking this rule you will be punished. Middle manning for these activities or advocating them (eg. telling people to trust your friend and stake items against them) will also be treated as a direct break of the rule.

If found to be breaking this rule you will recieve the following punishment;
  • First Time : 9 Infraction points (6 day ban before other active infractions)
  • Second Time: Permanent Ban.

These punishments will as always be open to be appealed, however if we have evidence of the rule break then you are unlikely to receive a reduced punishment.

If you have questions about this addition, you are more than welcome to post on the forums or message a staff member to discuss it.

If you are unsure whether or not an activity will break this rule, please ask a staff member BEFORE doing it. If you do not ask then the situation will be treated as a simple break of the rule.

We intend to update some of the other rules in the coming weeks to provide a better experience on the current server, however this rule needed to be published sooner rather than later.

You can view a full list of our rules here;

Finally, the staff team wishes you all a happy holiday period.