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    Sep 2016
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    Many of you are probably wondering what world 2 is and what that means for world 1. I'd like to take a moment to clear this up about world 1: it'll be staying online and also receiving updates world 2 receives (for example, ToB). Many of the changes going toward world 2 (but not all) will also be seen added to world 1. The big difference is that world 2 has a fresh economy to back the changes to the server going forward both now and over the last 2 years.

    So what are stands out as being different specifically about world 2? Hard mode will be able to trade rare drops between normal mode. General store supplies will all cost money. XP rates will be lower with normal mode losing the ability to set stats (or having a huge drop rate penalty, much higher than 25%). Coin drops will be much smaller.

    What type of changes are being done to both servers, where world 2 sees the majority of the benefit? Drop rates are being adjusted, PK supply boxes have been dropped since they're only really used for quick cash, the BM shop is being changed, mystery boxes will be less likely to reward rare items, and the cost of shop items has been increased. This is just to name a few!

    Experience Rates

    Normal Mode: Combat x200 and skilling x20
    Hard Mode: Combat x20 and skilling x20
    Ironman Modes: Combat x20 and skilling x20

    Voting: 5%
    Wishing Well: 15%
    Gold Member: 5%

    Drop Rates

    Most monsters sit at x1.5 OSRS
    Barrows x3

    Voting: 15%
    Wishing Well: 5%
    Gold Member: 5%
    Ring of Wealth: 5%
    Hard Mode: 20%
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    Oct 2018
    first... glad he explained it
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    Jan 2017
    all join w2
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    Jan 2017
    You should consider which one will be the primary one as world 2 will have more balanced economy most likely. By this I mean directing new players to the more suitable world.
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    Sep 2016
    Have you considered making world 2 a better server?
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    Sep 2018
    But do we get T Pose pets?
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    Mar 2018
    Thank the lord Jesus
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    Dec 2016
    Hell yeah world 2 hype
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    Aug 2018
    Quote Originally Posted by Terror View Post
    Have you considered making world 2 a better server?
    yes this

    it wont work if its just replica of ur game atm eco reset wont save it
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    Oct 2016
    Basically w2 is a hard mode world 1 Love this More accounts to play awesome. Love a grind obviously this girl is not afraid of time spent playing one bit.
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