Lack of information for players

  • Every minute (for 5 minutes total) the server should yell in chat how many minutes left until the tournament starts. Message should also say what the prize for the tournament is & the type of tournament
  • When somebody Wins a prize in a tournament, send a message in the chatbox letting them know that their reward has been added to their banks.

  • Once the fight starts players should get a countdown above their heads to let them know how long till they can start fighting (Similar to how the duel arena works. It should be a 10 second countdown).

Missing things/small fixes/bugs

  • Increase the time between each round by about 15 seconds
  • Put a pointer arrow above your opponents head in the tournament
  • You need to automatically unlock Augury/Rigour for people in the tournament
  • EXP drops don't work inside of the tournament
  • Remove the tournament overlay when we are fighting, it gets in the way.
  • Remove all the doors and replace them with walls (to prevent people missclicking)
  • Replace Bastion/Battlemage pots with Range/Magic pots. Most people don't know what the new pots do.
  • Special attack, boosted stats & HP all need to be restored after each fight
  • Boosted stats should reset to regular levels when entering a fight. This stops people starting fights with boosted levels from pre-potting/imbued heart/anglerfish.

  • Low Level NH Tournament needs ancient staff in the shop
  • When you choose default equipment it currently doesn't update your combat interface
  • Remove the Default Equipment/Inventory and just compile them both into 1 option called 'Default Setup'
  • You should be given the default setup as soon as you enter the tournament (already equipped)

  • Add a new option called "Previous Setup". It would save the setup that you entered your last fight with. Make sure that the previous setup option is saved differently for each type of tournament so that players don't have to keep re-doing their favourite setups each time.

  • Remove the Altar & make it so when you enter tournies you're automatically placed on the correct spellbook
  • After 5 minutes in a fight, both players should start taking 1 damage per tick. This is to prevent people from afking & making tournaments last forever.

  • Change how it works when giving somebody a buy into the next round. Whichever players finished the previous rounds fastest should be the one who gets the buy into the next round, not a random person.


  • Change Tournaments to happen every hour but change the prize to 15m + 25k BM
  • Every 4 hours there should be a tournament where the prize for 1st place = 30m coins + 50k BM
  • Every 16 hours there would be a tournament where the prize for 1st place = 50m coins + 75k BM
  • Every 36 hours there would be a tournament where the prize for 1st place = 100m coins + 125k BM

  • Add logs so you know who has won each tournament (this is important so you can start having 07 gold tournaments)

07 Tournament Prize System

  • Add a command for admins that lets them turn a regular tourny into an 07 GP tourny. Something like ::tourny07_[prize amount].

    What this command would do is make it so the next tournament to happen would be for 07 GP. So instead of yelling out the regular message for the next tournament, it would yell out something like this; "A NH tournament about to begin in 5 minutes! 1st place prize: 200m OSRS GP".

  • Admins need access to logs to see previous tourny winners so that they can give out rewards.