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  1. Pure Community and Mini Wars  - 10-05-2018 #1

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    Pure Community and Mini Wars

    So reflecting back to a few years ago, battlescape was the go to of the pure community and many other pkers after EOC took place on real runescape thus ending pure pking/pking as a whole. This was a Era of mini wars, consistent pking, and overall a good time. I'm proposing the idea of introducing a pure clan under myself as well as an invitation for anybody else to do so as well. To, in a sense, sort of revive the pure pking community in regards to mini wars. With the state of the game I don't believe we will have pures on all the time pking/pvming/general playing however I do believe we can gather enough individuals to have a set day / night once a week or more to do mini-wars among ourselves. Before I go through the effort of setting up a clan and getting graphics made and everything else that goes along with that. I'm making a poll to see who would be interested in this idea to gauge how many people we have that will participate to even make this thing come true. If you're interested select yes, if you're not select no. A mini needs to at-least consist of 3-4 pures vs another clan / team of 3-4 pures. With that being said I'm not going to take action, nor do I really advise anybody else to do so unless we can get a solid 6-10 people on board with selecting yes on this poll.

    Thank you for your time reading this.
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    Nov 2016
    would be good idea Gl with this

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    While I do not pk I do fully support this. So, not sure how to vote. The way its written I would vote yes but the dialog ask for participants and that would be a no. I used to keep pure supplies and gear on my account for any pure that joined back when we had several clans. That certainly could be my contribution and my way of supporting.

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