Bounty Hunter Target System

  • Being Assigned a target is buggy. It doesn't always give you target even though there are people in the wilderness without a target. Sometimes it also takes forever to get assigned a target.
  • Whenever you kill a target it should always count as a target kill regardless of how much either of you is risking or if you killed them recently. Right now if your target died to you recently or they aren't risking enough, then even if you kill them it doesn't count towards your target kill

  • The game isn't removing the Wilderess & Target interfaces whenever you lose your target whilst stood outside of the wilderness.
  • When you're assigned a target you should be able to get a target who's combat ranges from +6 or -6 combat levels
  • You should be able to PJ NPC's off of your target. Also NPC's should not be able to PJ you whilst you're attacking your target.

  • You should be able to attack your target in any wilderness level regardless of the combat difference
  • When you try to skip your target it is supposed to open a Yes/No interface asking you if you're sure you want to skip your target
  • You shouldn't be able to skip your target whilst in combat
  • You shouldn't be able to skip your target until at least 15 seconds after they were assigned to you

  • Teleport to target is supposed to send you a warning message when you try tele to target that looks like this:
  • On OSRS you can teleport to your target in combat whereas on battlescape you can't.
  • Tele to target doesn't always highlight correctly on the spellbook
  • Your target is supposed to have an arrow above their head

  • The string that tells you your targets Wilderness/Combat level is supposed to change colour depending on the distance your target is from you:

    - If your target is within 20 tiles of you the string is supposed to be green
    - If your target is within 40 tiles of you the stirng is supposed to be orange
    - If your target is within 60 tiles of you the string is supposed to be dark red
    - If your target is within 80 tiles of you the string is supposed to be light red
    - If your target is over 80 tiles away from you the string is supposed to be light blue


  • Make Emblem upgrading on every kill & not just limitted to target kills. Getting the upgrade would still require your opponent to be risking enough & not have died to you recently

Mage Arena

  • On OSRS the Battlemages don't attack you if you're wearing their respective MA1/MA2 Cape/Staff. Example Zammy Mage wont attack you if you have Zammy capes or staff equipped.
  • The Battlemages are only supposed to have an attack range of 7
  • You shouldn't be able to use range/melee inside of the mage arena (inside the arena = anywhere past the teleport that takes you inside)


  • Lower the Agro Range of all NPC's in the wilderness by 1 tile
  • All NPC's are supposed to drop agro on a player whenever that player moves 11 tiles or more away from that NPC
  • You need to spawn about 15 more hobgoblins in the mine at 31 wilderness
  • Make Battlemages drops rarer (1/50 rate for an item)
  • Make Elder Chaos Druid Robes a lot more common (1/75 per piece)


  • Untradeables past 20 wild need a rework. What you're suggesting is a bad idea. Here is a better solution:

    • If you die past 20 wilderness with untradeables they will go into a shop like so:

      - The reclaim cost per untradeable = Normal Repair Cost * 10.
      - Any untradeable that isn't put in the shop should still be kept on death past 20 wilderness

      - Send players a Chatbox notification every time they log in to tell them they have items that need to be reclaimed from the 20+ wilderness untrade shop

  • Change the Examine options on all of the Broken untradeables so they say something like "It's a broken Fighter Torso. Perhaps Perdu could help me repair it?"


  • Loadouts should save your combat levels and the contents of your rune pouch
  • Loadouts should go on cooldown for 1 minute when you die inside of a multi zone above 25 wild
  • Loadouts should work everywhere at edgeville & also inside of mage bank


  • The Revenant agro range (when you don't have the bracelet) is only supposed to be 2 tiles
  • The only Revenants that should be able to freeze you are Ork/Dark Beast/Knight/Dragon
  • The chance of a Revenant freezing needs to be lowered. It's about a 1/40 on Runescape
  • Revenant freezes are only supposed to last 10 seconds.
  • On OSRS using the correct protection prayer will reduce all the Revenants damage to 0 (when not wearing a bracelet)

Looting Bag

  • Add the new looting bag that lets you open it up and automatically puts all picked up items inside

Chaos Elemental

I'd rather have a consistently active wilderness than 1 that people only enter every 6 hours

  • Lower the respawn time from 6 hours to 40 minutes
  • Make good items 10x rarer
  • Add more Spawn areas for the Chaos Elemental

Rejuv Pool

  • Rejuv pool shouldn't be removing players skulls or turning off their prayers
  • Rejuv pool shouldn't be resetting boosted stats

Rune Pouch

  • Combo/Wrath Runes in runepouch aren't counting towards runes when casting spells (it says you dont have the correct runes)


  • Mutli target spells don't skull you even though the multi target part of the attack is hitting other players.


  • The Red flag on the minimap works wrong. On Runescape it appears on the tile you are walking to, whereas on here it appears on the tile you click.

Attacking over Objects

  • You shouldn't be able to range/mage/melee through gates/doors that you've spawned


  • Remove this tree. Because of how pathing works you usually end up getting pulled out of the wilderness anytime you try find near the tree:

PVP World

  • Wilderness levels don't change your combat level range in PVP world. They are supposed to +1 to the range per wilderness level.

Regular shops

  • Put Leaf bladed battleaxe in the shop for 1m (It's a very strong PK weapon)

BM Shop

  • Remove Barrows sets, Whips & kraken tent from the BM shop. Not needed right now already enough of these items in game. (These items should probably all be reset as well)
  • Combine Random GWD/Cerberus/Vorkath/Zulrah boxes into 1 & lower the price to 175k


  • Remove the animation when entering/exiting rev caves & using the ladder at KBD. You should be able to enter/exit these without any sort of delay
  • Increase rejuv pool spec restore time to 600 seconds