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    Bungle's Hunter Guide

    Welcome to the guide, before starting you should know that hunter isn't the same as osrs, instead of the mobs being attracted by the traps it just attempts a catch if one happens to walk over the trap.

    1-15 Crimson Swifts

    Items required - 1 Bird Snare

    Teleport - Cities - Corsair Cove, run north through the rocks then east

    Starting out at level 1 you can only set one trap, and because of the mechanics mentioned above, it can be faster to try and get ahead of a moving bird and setup the trap in front of it, rather than set one up and wait

    15-25 Ruby harvest butterflies

    Items required - Butterfly net + Butterfly jars

    Teleport - Skilling - Piscatoris Hunter Area, you will see them around you

    Equip your butterfly net, grab a bunch of butterfly jars and just catch/release until 25

    25-53 Sapphire glacialis / Snowy knight butterflies

    Items required - Butterfly net + Butterfly jars

    Teleport - Cities - Rellekka, then talk to the Hunting expert right next to you to be teleported there, you will see them around you

    Same process as before, 25-35 you will only be catching the sapphires then just catch both until 53, you can do Black warlock butterflies for slightly higher exp but theres not as many so you may aswell stay here until 53

    53-63 Grey Chinchompas

    Items required - Box Traps

    Teleport - Skilling - Piscatoris Hunter Area, then run South-East

    This is where the exp steps up, by now you can set up three traps. I'm not sure if theres an optimal setup, personally i set them up in a diagonal line in a high traffic area, when one walks over your trap they will either be caught, or trigger the trap and get away, you will then need to reset the trap. once you hit 60 you setup an extra trap

    63-73/99 Red Chinchompas

    Items required - Box Traps

    Teleport - Cities - Corsair Cove, then run north until you find them

    You know the deal by this point, just a boost in exp, you can move to black chins at 73 for slightly higher exp, but it's only a small difference so if you don't fancy training in the wilderness then reds are fine to 99

    73-99 Black Chinchompas

    Items required - Box Traps

    Teleport - Wilderness - Wilderness Canoe Pond(lvl 35), then run south

    Same process however this time you have the added danger of being in the wilderness so take extra care not to risk more than you can afford to lose. at 80 you can setup a fifth trap


    -Salamanders, these buggers will leave you waiting an eternity before a catch, would not recommend

    Hope this helps, constructive feedback appreciated
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    Nice job on the guide, we needed an updated version. I'll link it from my ironman guide.

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    Oct 2016
    Thanks for the guide

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    You did a really great job on this guide! We definitely were in need of an updated guide! Thank you

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    Nov 2016

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    Thanks for this! Have been using it for my hard mode. Haven’t gotten to dragon imps yet but that’s the ultimate goal, any tips for them?

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    nice guide' cheers

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