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    Vet'ion Guide

    Hi, this is a guide on killing vet'ion; the gear I'm showing is budget/low risk because I don't have access to better gear yet but I'll explain what the BIS is. Monster defense seems to be different on this server so gear you're used to being BIS might be different.



    Since it's wildy it's up to you how much you want to risk; adding more str gear such as infernalcape/fcape/bandos/berserk(i)/prims is clearly better if you are willing to lose it.

    Weapon BIS would be:
    Vygoras mace > Bludgeon > Elder Maul > Hasta > Leaf baxe > Godsword > Barrelchest Anchor (good for ironmen with no access to higher tier)

    If you're using leaf baxe make sure you use the crush option!


    D'hides for escaping pkers, whip (or tent if you are willing to use it) for skeletal dogs and glory for lvl 30 escape.

    This inventory lasts you for about 3 kills/trip; you can add more brew/food if you intend to stay longer.

    Step by step route/instructions

    1. Warp to corp cave

    2. Run north to ~lvl 32 wild

    3. Lure vet'ion from spawn through the trees

    4. The lure setup:

    5. Hit vet'ion and when the dogs spawn (vet <50% hp) run south to lvl 30

    The benefit of this spot is that it's in lvl 30 (for easy glory getaway) plus vet'ion will not shoot bolts at you. Vet'ion will also not wander off cause he is still in aggro-range.

    6. After the dogs are dead run back to vet and repeat the same process for orange phase.



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    Really detailed guide, good job man!
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    What about godswords? Pacifically the saradomin gs? Is it better or worse than a barrel chested anchor?

    i love battlescape moms plz pm your moms numbers
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    Thanks guys

    Godswords are better than barrechest yea (i'll add it). Barrelchest is more like a poverty option
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    Thank you for this awesome guide!
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