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    Here comes batch number two of feedback, suggestions and bug fixes submitted by you! Feedback is gathered from the ingame quick feedback and forum posts (and boy do you guys have a lot to say!), and today a large dent of this collected feedback has been added.

    Clan Wars Tournament

    Spectating orbs have been added both for spectators and for players waiting for the next round to start. You will be given an interface with a list of who's matched against who, and selected the names will move your view in the center of their room.

    The round delay is now displayed on the overlay, and the time between rounds has been raised from 30 seconds to 1 minute. The time before you can attack your opponent has been raised from 5 ticks to 10 ticks. Augury, rigour, and preserve are unlocked for all players participating, and ring of recoil charges are reset before rounds. The winner of a tournament is now announced to the whole server.

    The 20M coin donation for starting a custom tournament applying to all coin donations has been fixed. The tournament brew cap not properly being enforced has been fixed.

    A low-risk main nh mode has been added.

    Combat Dummy

    Combat dummies have been added to Edgeville. These dummies allow you to check your max hit which will include effects such as being on a slayer task,


    • Vorkath can now be assigned through boss slayer.
    • The slayer staff (e) spell will no do increased damage against boss slayer tasks.
    • Grotesque Guardians hitpoints have been lowered from 600 to 450.
    • Added the stop the wyvern slayer unlock.
    • Dawn will no longer count toward your gargoyle task unless double trouble is unlocked.
    • Keris has been added to the boss slayer shop for 500 points.


    • Firemaking now has a chance to give a supply crate based on the level required to burn the log.
    • Burning logs with an infernal axe now rolls for the phoenix pet.
    • Bird nests can now be crushed with a pestle and mortar.
    • Added left-click anvil smithing.
    • Fixed making jugs of wine not consuming the jug of water.
    • Fixed an issue with making more wines not always working.
    • Fixed the black pickaxe not working for mining.

    In Other News

    • Adjusted accuracy and defence in PvP.
    • Reduced monster accuracy and defence.
    • The wishing well can be activated for coins, but only 30% of coins donated go toward the 15M requirement.
    • An announcement about the wishing well drawing is now announced one hour before.
    • Ancient warrior (PvP) weapons will now deal 25% more damage and accuracy against monsters in the wilderness.
    • Increased the rate of uncommon loot from revenants.
    • Ring of wealth (i) will now automatically pick up emblems.
    • Loadouts will now save your current spellbook (due to how this works, all loadouts will be defaulted to normal).
    • Added 5 more custom loadout slots.
    • Added many of the normal and ancient magic teleport spells.
    • The large spade can now be used to dig into barrows tombs.
    • Added a bank chest to the private area.
    • Sanfew serums have been added to the general store.
    • Added the empty option on the rune pouch while banking.
    • A brief Pest Control dialogue is displayed when entering explaining how it works.
    • The player owned shop buy-50 will now act as a buy-x.
    • Fixed the granite maul special attack.
    • Fixed uncharging the revenant weapons not giving ether back.
    • Fixed an issue where ignore names can contain certain invalid characters which would crash the client.
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    So awesome, love every single update, thank you!
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    Mar 2018
    let's go!!!! dope update
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    Aug 2018
    Quote Originally Posted by Palidino View Post
    Added left-click anvil smithing.
    Update of the century.
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    Aug 2018
    how long this normally take for update
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    Mar 2018
    wow this was very good !
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    Nov 2016
    Another update that i feel that should be added to Clan Wars Tournaments
    1) A main hybrid mode without rapier only a whip
    2) A countdown before the fight starts. So you enter the ring and there is a 3 second timer before attacking the other player like duel arena
    3) If its a like a nh/hybrid tourny have ancients already set if its a dharoks tourny have vengeance spell book already set
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    dc scape
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    Nov 2016
    interesting update
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    Jan 2017
    Ty for the other updates, but the combat is still horrible.
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