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    How to be a Successful Ironman (or Ironwoman)


    First of all, this guide is a work in progress. Knowing all there is to know about building an ironman is a huge topic, I don't claim to be an expert and this guide will continue to evolve. That said, I've built an ironman on osrs, as well as here, so I'm pretty well versed on the topic. If you have anything to add, please feel free to put it in the comments below.

    This guide assumes some basic knowledge of RS and BS, so if you're not familiar with either, I'd suggest looking through some of the other guides and particularly the Ultimate Beginner's Guide. I've attempted to provide links to other guides wherever possible, but make no claims as to the accuracy of the content contained within them. Thank you for reading. Now if you're ready for some self-torture, read on...

    Caution: Iron gains may be habit forming!

    Equipment you'll want to get ASAP

    Here's a list (in no particular order) of the basic gear you'll want to get for training. I've included links to any applicable guides, credit goes to their authors for the info.


    There are a number of quests that are essential for becoming a successful iron, here's a list. Luckily they're significantly shorter/easier than their osrs counterparts. Guides are linked below. Most of these quests unlock a shop that you can buy useful items from.

    Dragon Slayer

    Lost City

    Monkey Madness

    Lunar Diplomacy

    Recipe for Disaster

    Horror from the Deep


    The Haunted Mine


    I recommend getting started on slayer immediately. Not only is this key for unlocking higher tier equipment such as whip, trident, tentacle, etc., the coin drops will also help out immensely getting you started. As soon as you have 58 slay, I'd recommend camping Cave Horrors for a black mask. This will boost your slayer melee damage. Once you can make a slayer helmet, get it imbued and it will boost your range and mage as well.

    Be sure to look at what beasts you can unlock, and what tasks you can extend. Since I am still (33m slay xp) hunting an imbued heart, I never cancel or block any tasks that have superiors. Superiors must be unlocked by the way, and I highly recommend doing this early. There are a number of bosses you can do in replacement for normal slayer tasks which still give xp, and grant you the buff of wearing a slayer helm. For example, you can fight Cerebus while on a hellhound task, KBD on a black dragon task, Kril on a Greater Demon task, Kree on an avansie task, Demonic Gorillas on a Black Demon task, DKS for Daganoths, etc.

    I recommend unlocking boss slayer early as well, you can have both a boss slayer task and a normal slayer task concurrently. Also, every night at midnight game time, you get a free reset on your boss slayer task, simply ask for a new one and you won't have to pay a cancel fee. There are a number of items useful to irons in the boss slayer rewards shop.

    If you don't mind the wilderness, doing wilderness tasks can be a great way to jump start your character. Simply talk to Nieve and ask for a wilderness only task. If you want to do wildy slayer and aren't familiar with the wildy, check out this map. Remember don't bring anything you are not ready to lose into the wilderness. Do not count on not skulling to keep your items safe, PK'ers have many clever ways to trick you into skulling.

    Until you have a slayer helmet, you're probably going to be best off in Full Elite Void for most tasks. Unlike OSRS, most slayer equipment isn't required on Battle Scape. A large portion of your tasks can/will be completed in the Catacombs of Kourend. A guide for the catacombs is available here.


    Barrows is key to getting some decent early gear. You'll want to do this on and off task, expect to do a few hundred chests to get most of the sets complete. I'd recommend staying until you get at least an ahrim's top and bottom, as this will be your best in slot mage gear for quite some time. Dharoks, Guthan's, Karils, and Verac's sets are also useful. Torag pieces can be useful as tank armor, but the set effect isn't desirable.

    God Wars Dungeon

    God Wars Dungeon is where you'll really start getting some decent gear. Here's a list of the bosses and the gear you'll want to hunt from them. I've provided links to relevant guides. Teaming up with a partner or two will help your success here a lot, however all the GWD bosses can be solo'd as well.

    • Armadyl Godsword Hilt
    • Armadyl Chest Plate
    • Armadyl Chain Skirt
    • Armadyl Helmet


    • Bandos Godsword Hilt
    • Bandos Chest Plate
    • Bandos Tassets


    • Saradomin Godsword Hilt
    • Saradomin Sword
    • Saradomin's Tear
    • Armadyl Crossbow


    • Zamorakian Spear
    • Staff of the Dead

    High Tier Gear Hunting

    Here's some of the things you'll want to acquire that will probably take a bit more time. Some of these are worth grinding, others are not and should be only done when on task. Which is which is really up to you and your goals.

    Useful Skills

    • 98 Crafting - Zenyte Jewellery
    • 90 Smithing - free DFS/GS smithing
    • 95 Fletching - Dragon darts
    • 94 Herb - Super anti-venom
    • 95 Runecraft - Wrath runes
    • 99 Hunter - implings/chins
    • Decent agility
    • 99 Cooking - stop burning all food
    • 65+ Fishing
    • 93+ slayer

    Raiding on Iron(wo)men

    Raids are seen as daunting to a lot of people, and understandably so. They are arguably the most difficult content in the game right now. That said, they can definitely be done on an ironman, however you're going to need decent gear to stand a chance.

    I would highly advise holding off on raids until you have an ACB or Blowpipe. If you don't have one of the two, you're really going to want a teammate with some great gear or you'll probably struggle on Olm. Full Elite Void is standard gear here. You'll want a crush weapon for Tekton, such as a godsword or even a leaf-bladed battle axe. Bandos Godsword is particularly useful for lowering the defense levels of the bosses you'll be fighting.

    You can find a more comprehensive guide on the Chambers of Xeric here.

    General Tips

    Starting off: A lot of people don't know where to start with an ironman. I'd suggest everyone get a handful of agility levels, just so your run regen isn't atrocious. When you're ready for combat, most people like rock/sand crabs, however I'd suggest chaos druids. You can find them in edge wild, or taverly dungeon. They drop lots of herbs, so you can use this to get some early herblore levels by just id'ing and dropping anything not worth saving.

    Once you hit 40 combat or so I'd suggest moving to slayer. Slayer is great starting cash, and you're going to need 93+ slayer down the road anyway so might as well get started. Spend your first points unlocking slayer helmet, then superiors. The grind for imbued heart can be a long one, so better to get started early. Also unlock bosses whenever you're ready to do that, but that can wait a bit. As of the most recent update, doing wildy slayer tasks is very advantageous early on (better xp, food/pray pot drops), especially since you won't run into many people near enough your combat to attack you. Just make sure you dont bring anything you're not willing to lose. Not only are do wildy tasks give you faster points, you get blood money which can be used to buy a rune pouch. You can also use that blood money for other skilling supplies down the road, or convert to un-tradeable points for imbuing your rings. This is also one of the earliest ways you can have access to high level food and prayer pots which will be very useful when it comes time to knock all your quests out.

    Once you've got a decent mage level I'd suggest doing pest control and barrows, in that order. Pest control can be barraged for very fast points. Then begins the barrows grind. Some will get lucky with this, some will have to open hundreds of chests to complete all the sets. The items you're going to want the most early on will be ahrims robetop/bottom as well as full dharok's and possibly karils. Full veracs is nice, but only useful for select bosses.

    When you've got some cash built up, you can you can buy onyx at the Tzaar shop by selling Chaos to the rune shop for tokkul. It costs roughly 32k chaos for enough tokkul. With this and 90 craft you can make an amulet of fury, which is the most powerful non-specialized amulet in the game.

    If you're lucky you'll get some zenyte from the crystal chest early on (you have been saving all your half keys I assume) otherwise you're going to want to do your black demon tasks at demonic gorillas. Gorillas only drop shards, so you'll need to add an onyx to this to make it into a complete gem.

    When you've got those you're going to need to get your crafting into the 90s to make use of them. There are of course many ways to do this, but most people choose to buy uncut emeralds from the shop and cut them for xp. This takes roughly 6-7m to buy 90 craft this way. You can recoup some of the money by making emerald necklaces, or use the stones for bolt tips.

    Frequently Asked questions

    There are a lot of questions that get asked over and over again about ironmen. I'll keep adding to this list as more come up, but here's a few for now.

    Q: Can Ironmen trade?
    A: Yes and No. Ironmen can trade away any tradable item to normal players, however they can only receive Bonds in trades.

    Q: Can Ironmen buy Fire Capes?
    A: No, they must be earned, and you must start at wave 1.

    Q: How do I get onyx/zenyte jewellery?
    A: It must be crafted.

    Q: Okay so where the hell do I get onyx and zenyte?
    A: In addition to the crystal chest, onyx and zenyte (shards) are dropped by select monsters. Onyx can be dropped by Tzaar, Zulrah, Tekton and possibly others. It can also be purchased for Tokkul from the gem shop at the Tzaar area, making Onyx purchasable via GP. The most economical method for this is to buy chaos runes and sell them to the shop for Tokkul. It takes roughly 32k chaos runes for enough tokkul to buy an uncut Onyx.

    Zenyte on the other hand comes from the crystal chest or Demonic Gorillas. The crystal chest has a small chance (1/100 roughly) to drop a complete uncut Zenyte. Demonic Gorillas drop a Zenyte shard which must be combined with an onyx to create a complete Zenyte gem.

    Q: What are loadouts? How do I use them?
    A: Loadouts are fucking amazing. Use them! Great for saving slayer setups, skilling, etc. Here's a guide on how to use them.

    Q: Do I need to wear ring of wealth to benefit from increased drop rates?
    A: No, so long as you have it in your inventory it will boost drops.

    Q: How do I get a rune crossbow on the quick?
    A: If you're not afraid of the wild, fastest way is probably crazy archeologist. If you prefer not to go in the wild go get runite limbs and 69 fletch and make your own.

    Q: What is the amulet of the damned? Does it work on this server?
    A: The amulet increases the set effect of barrows, and yes it works on Battle Scape. More info here.

    Q: Where do I smith? Best place to cook?
    A: Smithing is easiest in Relleka, anvil right next to banker. Cooking is best done in Zulandra (boss teleport.)

    Q: When should I do my quests?
    A: In general, the earlier the better, within reason. You're going to want to have somewhat decent stats for some, others it doesn't matter. How much you feel like training before hand is up to you and your skill level. As a general answer, you can complete all the quests with ease by 100 combat though, most can do them around 60. At least having overhead prayers is highly advised. (Use chaos altar in wildy for dank xp)

    Q: Best thing to fish?
    A: Most people would say monkfish xp-wise. However since you can buy swordfish in the legends guild, I find karambwans to be the only thing I desire to fish. The reason being that they can be tick-eaten with no delay, so they're particularly effective for bossing at places like Zulrah and Cerb. If you're looking for tank food, you can get tons at barrows and now revenants, so fishing sharks/dark crabs isn't worth the time imo. Karambwans can be caught in the fishing guild.
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