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  1. #1 Clan Wars Tournament, New Revenant Weapons, and Chaos Elemental Buff  - 08-04-2018
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    The Clan Wars Tournament is here! Stats set and items given, battle 1v1 to take first place! Rewards start at 20M, but staff can run custom tournaments with better prizes! New revenents drops are out, and the Chaos Elemental has also been buffed!

    Clan Wars Tournament

    The Clan Wars tournament has been completely re-made! You no longer take items inside but instead are given a shop with the items you're allowed to use. The tournament is split into 1v1 matches instead of a free for all singles map. Staff can donate items in to create custom tournaments (this feature will be opened up to all players later on).

    Prizes for normal tournaments (not custom created) are: #1 20M, #2 10M, #3 5M, #4 2.5M. These prizes are reduced to 5M, 2.5M, 1.25M, and 625K for hard and ironman modes. Custom game prizes will only be given to normal modes, with an exception for bonds that will be given regardless of game mode.

    Chaos Elemental

    The Chaos Elemental's drop table has been greatly improved, in that every kill you should receive an item worth anywhere from 10M to 100M (with a low chance of something better). High but not the most damage dealing players will also recieve better loot than before.

    If you're a hard mode or ironman type of mode, killing the Chaos Elemental will now reward you with loot off of the secondary kill table (even if you did the most damage). There's now a reason to for all modes to join the fight!

    The Chaos Elemental's damage and attack bonuses have been scaled down. Blood money will be dropped as follows based on the amount of damage you did: 50K, 20K, 12K, or 8K.


    The new weapons have been added to revenant drops! These weapons deal 50% more accuracy and damage against any monster inside of the wilderness. To use this passive effect, the weapon must be charged with a minimum of 1K ether. The drop rate of PvP weapons has also been increased.

    Wilderness Chaos Altar

    The wilderness chaos altar now provides 350% more experience per bone while also giving a 50% chance that no bone is consumed. Outside of the temple, an elder chaos druid can be found who will unnote bones for 50 coins per bone.

    Blood Money Shop

    The following changes have been made to the blood money shop:
    • The prices of boxes have been better priced based on their average value.
    • The god wars weapon box has been changed to include the armour.
    • The crystals in the cerberus box have been replaced with the completed boots.
    • The visages in the Vorkath box have been replaced with the completed shields.
    • A random ring box, random Zulrah rare drop box and 3rd age box has been added.

    Monster Drop Tables

    The drop table interface has been updated to better display drop information along with stats. The melee order is stab/slash/crush. The "tables" are connected if they share the same rate, and your drop roll determines which "table" you get. The "chance" is simply the chance of getting that specific item when you get a kill.

    For example: All three spirit shields sit on the same table at a chance of 1 in 158. This means you have a 1 in 158 chance of getting one of the three spirit shields. However, the chance of specifically getting an elysian sigil drop is 1 in 1111.

    Monkey Backpack

    The monkey "cape" from Monkey Madness 2 has been added to the agility shop for 100 marks of grace.


    RuneLite has been updated to the latest version. This includes a handful of new features, including config panel favorites and movable interfaces by holding alt.

    In Other News

    • Battlemage and bastion potions can now be made with blood vials, cadantines, potato cacti, and wines of Zamorak.
    • Holiday rares can now be staked.
    • All tradeable items that previously couldn't be searched on the GE have been corrected (PvP weapons/holiday rares).
    • The raids 2 items have been added into the mystery box.
    • Reduced the price of the rubber chicken to 25 bonds.
    • Added rejuvination pools to Neitiznot, Seers, and the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
    • Increased the drop chance of Zulrah's uncommon and rare drop tables (not the unique table).
    • Charging a row (i) with a bond now uses your pouch instead of your inventory.
    • Bond related information has been restored in the guide book, and the bond shop selection now has an option for information added at the top.
    • The ffa portal now contains an altar of the occult and rejuvenation pool.
    • Adamant and rune dragon drop rate information has been added.
    • Slayer helmet (i) can now be made from a black mask (i).
    • Slightly reduced magic accuracy.
    • Fixed thrownaxes and javelins using the wrong attack style menu.
    • The number of lesser demons near the KBD entrance has been reduced to 4.
    • Fixed the scythe of vitur's attack style options.
    • Fixed exchanging the untradable bond for gold membership.
    • Fixed previous teleports showing duplicate locations.
    • Fixed an issue with the bond interface.
    • Fixed an issue involving the abyssal sire.
    • Fixed the arclight being able to be charged with only 1 ancient shard.
    • Fixed some turning animations involving weapons.
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    Excellent and HUGE Ty Pali.
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    And server offline?:s
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    Gj on the cw concept. Will test it within few weeks.
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    Best update so far. Excellent work, good job.
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    pali ur the lebron of private servers. so basically ur the goat
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    Great updates lad
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    I can finally release.

    Thanks pali nice work
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    Overall decent update but is anyone actually tried Tournament yet ?
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