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    Jul 2018
    Hello everyone, loving the server, just a few things i would like to point out so maybe u can change it if people agree.

    First one is make ironman not being able to get runes/food/rune armor from shops, for me it takes the fun of being an ironman, just make some of the stuff dropable on some mobs, and for the runes we just craft them

    The other thing i think it would improve a bit the experience is the sound effects, i guess the little details matter.

    That's all

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    Jul 2018
    Personally enjoy being able to buy runes, we can do that in OSRS so why not here. It's just a fucking pain not to be able to buy runes, armor I don't really care but u can also buy rune armor in osrs so...

    I am fine how things are and don't see any real reason why it should be changed.

    I don't play with sounds so neutral on that.

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    Feb 2018
    I'll be damned if I ever have to runecraft on a private server, only the saddest most pathetic losers would runecraft on a rsps

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    Aug 2017

    we have access to very limited of the shop as it already is.

    impartial towards sounds as I have never played rs with sound

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