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  1. #1 Wishing Well and Voting Changes  - 06-29-2018
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    Today's update brings changes to the wishing well and also a pretty useful overhaul to voting.

    The Wishing Well

    The drop rate boost provided by the wishing well now applies to your chance at hitting the unique drop table in raids! This doesn't come without a cost (even if only temporary!). Currently, coins can NOT be donated into the well to activate the drop rate boost.

    To activate the well, you must use items on the well. Not just any items will do, the well will only accept unique/rare items such as rare monster and boss drops. This includes items such as barrows, whips, dark bows, and god wars items. The value of the item will determine how much the well is increased.

    On a positive note, during this period that the well is only accepting items, the total fee to activate the well has been halved down to only 15M.

    Voting Changes

    Today marks the removal of the 4 lower vote sites. Between them bringing in few clicks every month and some of them even so unmaintained that the toplist is just who bots their votes more, it was time to let them go. With this in mind, vote item prices have been adjusted to reflect this.

    With this I've decided to add some new rewards to the vote shop! These rewards include the mystery box for 225 vote tickets, 14 days gold membershop for 100 tickets, and infernal cape for 200 tickets. Only the gold membership addition applies to game modes outside of normal.

    In Other News

    • Added a random raids rare drop box to the BM shop for 3M. Please note: this box uses our raids drop table rates, the items aren't balanced equally!
    • NPC Drop table display will now reflect active drop rate boosts for a more clear idea of your drop rate.
    • Fixed the justiciar reward weighting being lower than it should have been.
    • Increased the drop table chance of spirit shields from the Corporeal Beast.
    • Increased the chance of lizardman shamans dropping the dragon warhammer.
    • Increased the barrows drop rate.
    • Removed a handful of items from the BM shop.
    • Removed barrows from the normal shops.
    • Lowered the number of coins obtained from PvM.
    • The cost to reset a boss task has been reduced to 2 votes tickets and 25 points.
    • Raids prayer scrolls have been removed from the boss shop.
    • Demonic gorillas will no longer drop ballista pieces in parts.
    • Removed BM from voting, reduced the number of PK supply boxes given, and removed 2 useless sites.
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    Good work, curious to see how the changes to well will impact the server. How much of a boost to drop rates does the well provide?

    Can the infernal cape be bought and used without completing the inferno even once?

    Edit: Should probably change the Infernal Cape to something like a scroll which lets you start at a really high wave, instead of just handing the cape on a plate.
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    Oct 2016
    Lol bye bye amorphis infernal cape service
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    Oct 2016
    Nice to see that you remove the only thing that takes hours and hours to master.

    About idiots who think that I'm mad about my "service", go ahead and re-enable the acc sharing rule, as far as it doesn't get added to the vote shop.
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    Mar 2018
    Please remove infernal cape from vote shop or add a requirement to complete the inferno to wield it.
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    People will moan, but people will still play - and now they have incentive to vote.

    Exactly what I was talking about. Deal with it.
    "iM gOoD aT mY jOB"
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    Mar 2017
    Nice update but I feel as if boss slayer has kinda been made pointless now. I mean the drops and rates are great but boss slayer shop is pretty much pointless. Along with BM shop. Other than crates that take months to get due to no one Pking.
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    Oct 2016
    Hey Pali can I have 425 vote tickets, thanks, need the mbox and cape

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    Dec 2016
    Hell yes! Awesome update man
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    Jan 2017
    "infernal cape for 200 tickets"
    You just removed the only achievement that is achieved from having some sort of skill.
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