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  1. #1 HOW TO USE OBS RECORDER-For Noobs ;)  - 06-27-2018
    Mar 2018

    Hello,This is just a quick guide on how to record game play

    1st step- Simply download OBS from & Install

    2nd step- Open OBS,Then go into 'Settings' as shown below

    3rd step- Have a little play around with the settings to test lag on the recording + Make it to your settings,Example shown below

    4th step- Now once you've done your settings go back to the start of OBS, And on the bottom left there should be a section called 'Scenes', Now click the + Button.Name the scene what ever makes it easy for you etc 'Battlescape client' Shown below

    5th step- Now you've done that,Next to the scenes tab next to it should be 'Sources' Click the + sign on the Sources selection. Now you should see quite a few options for recording gameplay you can either use 'Game capture' or 'Windows capture'

    6th step-
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