1. debb Eruption Of Pures officially reopens ~ A New Era  - 05-20-2018 #1

    Discord: http://eop-rs.org/discord
    TeamSpeak: ts.eop-rs.org

    Moving on from a clan isn't exactly as easy as it sounds, especially that clan being EoP, our community is one of a kind and to let it go to waste would be a shame. This clan has built so much over its 12 years of existence, it has opened doors many people would of never imagined would be open and saying that about a Runescape clan should speak for itself.

    After a long discussion with old & new ranks, we've decided to reopen our doors. The decision to reopen the clan isn't something we are doing for ourselves as ranks, but it's something we are doing for the community and the members of this clan. The one thing that made EoP so special in comparison to other clans was that our community was unique.

    With that being said, the summer is around the corner and the ship is setting sail one last time. Things will be done differently this time around to make things more interesting and enjoyable for everyone. Our new and final chapter has begun and we hope that whoever reads this decides to be apart of it.

    We back baby.

    ~ ~ ~

    To all the ex-EoP members out there, it's time to come home. To the rest of you that want to join up, feel free to make an account on our forums and post an introduction/application.

    Stat Requirements:
    97+ Strength
    97+ Ranged
    94+ Magic
    1-20 Defence

  2. debb 05-20-2018 #2

    Pm me to leak nigga gang gang

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    I just spewed in my mouth a little.

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    this is fake lol

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    EOP scum


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    Still fake

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