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    No, your eyes are not deceiving you. In my hands I wield the Saradomin Godsword. Being that I'm an ironman, it means that I needed to collect all the individual pieces of this sword by myself. There was no help that I could have received. I can't trade other players, I can't take donations, I can't just accept gifts from people. The money that I have? I earned it. No staking, no pking, just hard work. And it was hard work. Sure, there were times when I wanted to give up, when I wanted to just shut the computer off and never return. But did I give up? Hell no. I kept pushed. I kept grinding. I had a goal in mind and there was no way I was gonna give up. Some people have called me hard headed. I call it dedicated. Dedicated to a goal. And I'm not gonna stop. There were difficult times, sure. The long, sleepless night. The dark thoughts of dread, the feeling that it was all for nothing. I thought that it would never happen. But I had my rock next to me, keeping me on the straight and narrow this whole time. My girlfriend was there next to me when times were hardest for me. I don't know how she put up with me, but her inspirational presence and tenacious spirit gave me a courage and a drive that even I didn't know I had. Reminds me of a few words from the late Groucho Marx, "Behind every man is an astonished woman". However, I'd like to make a minor change to this quote. I would change the word 'astonished' to 'proud'. She never doubted me for a second. Astonishment would imply that she is surprised with my success. But she was there with me the whole time, even if she wasn't always physically in that room with me, I could feel her spirit there every time I finished another boss slayer task. She's asleep right now. She's needed at the hospital tomorrow for a important surgery. I'll let her sleep. In the morning she'll look over my shoulder and look at the screen like she always does and she'll see my godsword. Rather, I should say, our godsword. Because it was a team effort. This grind to get this godsword is really a perfect allegory for our relationship. There are ups and downs. Lefts and rights. And everything in between. Just like real life as in battlescape, things aren't always so simple. Sometimes you need to fail before you can succeed. And yeah, I won't deny it, I've failed many times in my life. I've fallen many times, I've been hurt many times, but y'know what? I got up. I fought back. I took the punches, but damnit, I got some good swings in there as well. Now as I write this, with the light of my screen illuminating my room, I can reflect on my journey. Would it be corny to say that the journey was better than the destination? Perhaps. But recalling those simple times at the beginning; skeleton slayer tasks, using combat potions and rune scimitars, it just makes me realize how lucky I am to be here. Sometimes, in this crazy world we live in we forget about the little things. I remember at times I just wanted it to be over. I remember just dreading the thought of having to do another cerberus task, or having some awful wilderness task. But I could now say with all honesty, that I miss it all. But just because I now have this saradomin godsword doesn't mean that it has to stop here. There are other items out there to get. Each one of them being an adventure in their own right. In that sense, this godsword has a bittersweet taste. It represents a closed chapter in my book, but it also is a new beginning. A new chapter and a new adventure. In a few minutes, I'm going to submit this post, close the laptop, lean back in my chair, stretch myself out real good, and let out a victorious sigh. That'll be a new one. There have been sighs of frustration, sighs of defeat and sighs of anger. But now it's time for something new. Ha, maybe I'll like it too. It's good to celebrate, but it's important to stay grounded in reality. This message goes out to other ironmen out there. Don't give up. I know it's hard playing on a significantly more challenging game mode than the regular mode. But you have to remember, you didn't choose to be an ironman to play an easy game. You chose it because you're a fighter. And a true fighter doesn't give up. He fights till his last dying breath. And I know things will get hard, but that's when you play even harder. You grind a little more and sleep a little less. Maybe skip a meal here and there, but as someone whose made's worth it. It really is worth it. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that all you have is a manifestation of your own labor. It was your blood, sweat and tears that went into every item in your bank and inventory. And hey, listen, remember what I said earlier. It's okay to fail. Every great genius has failed. But that one success will make a thousand failures feel like nothing. Think about your future self. Today is when you plant the seeds for tomorrow. I sure as heck know my future self will be thankful for this beautiful saradomin godsword now in my bank. What it boils down to is self respect. Do you respect yourself enough to work hard today? A lot of people say they want success. They want the riches and fame. Sure. That's fair. Who doesn't want these things? But at the end of the day, these things aren't just going to fall into your lap. It requires one simple concept. Hard. Work. Yup, I know it's corny. But guess what? Your parents were right when they told you to work hard. And if you have self respect you will fight for certain things that you believe that you deserve. If you have no self respect, why would you fight for certain things? Maybe you think that you don't deserve it, that someone else should have it instead. Pardon my language, but that's bullshit! You DO deserve it. How do I know that? Because you're an amazing person and I believe in you. And listen, if you feel down, if you feel like the whole world is against you, I want you to reach out to me, and we'll overcome it together. Boy do I know what's it's like to have the whole world against me. But I've also adopted a new view. I embrace the haters. You need to understand how to use both positive and negative reinforcement to drive you. When a hater tells me something like 'You'll never get that saradomin godsword, idiot' or 'just give up, there's other people who have achieved way more than you', I just chuckle softly to myself, buckle down, and work twice as hard as I did before. I'll keep busting my ass every day, I'll keep fighting the good fight and I'll never give up. Because it's worth it. It always is, you need to trust me when I say that. So yeah, I'm a lover, a fighter, a grinder, a hard worker, a hunter, a cook, a gardner, a painter, a free spirit, a man. I'm protective, I'm sensitive. I cling to my old ways, yet I'm open to new things. But most of all, I'm myself. I'm a human being. I'm bill pierce and I have a saradomin godsword.
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    you... you wrote almost seven thousand words about getting a godsword on a mopar game

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    what the hell did i just read.
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    Thanks for all the wonderful comments, guys! ^.^

    If you want to see my godsword in game please pm me and i'll be more than happy to show it to you!
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    Lol this was quite the read! But Congrats Bill!!
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    Kill all the Nazi mods with it
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