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    Sep 2016
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    A modified version of RuneLite has been released, offering most of the features it offers for OSRS. Included with this is eggshell armour for Easter, Mogres, mystery boxes, and many other additions.


    RuneLite has been ported to support BattleScape! RuneLite is similar to OSRS clients such as OSBuddy, a key difference being that the code is opensource. For a list of features, please check out RuneLite here. Some plugins that would have no use on BS have been adjusted or removed (Arceuus Library for example).

    RuneLite is undergoing a final test on the public BattleScape server and will be released on the play page in a matter of minutes after the update goes live.

    Eggshell Armour

    For a limited time, eggshell armour can be purchased from the Vote Ticket store for 30 tickets per piece.


    Mogres can be accessed through the wizard. Mogres may be weak prey, but they drop the very special mudskipper hat and flippers.

    Mystery Box

    Mystery boxes can now be purchased for 1 ingame bond. The box contains a huge variety of items, ranging from abyssal whips to party hats. They also contain two exclusive items: the sack of presents and the giant present.

    In Other News

    • Barrows armour sets have been added to the shops for 8M for the normal game mode.
    • When dying and losing items inside of an instance, you can speak to Perdu to purchase your items back for 100K. Perdu will only hold on to items on a per death basis in instances; dying inside of an instance a second time will clear the items from the previous death.
    • The ring of life and appropriate capes will now teleport you to safety if your hitpoints drop below 10%.
    • Dragon crossbow has been added to the Blood Money shop for 150K.
    • A Vorkath box has been added to the Blood Money shop for 200K.
    • Reduced the cost of dragon thrownaxes in the Blood Money and Boss Slayer shops.
    • Extended super antifire potions can now be created.
    • Bounty Hunter target information will now update every 30 seconds.
    • Zulrah's unique drops can now be dismantled for 20K scales.
    • Yaks have been added to Neitiznot.
    • Combat potions have been added to the Legends Guild shop for hard and ironman modes.
    • Fixed the Slayer's staff not being able to autocast slayer dart.
    • Fixed not being able to change your prayer level without losing drop rates.
    • Fixed Cerberus souls attacking you even if you've teleported away.
    • Fixed some issues with boss instances.
    • Fixed the dark core not despawning when the Corporeat Beast is killed.
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    ps. i love miika.

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    Feb 2018
    Ye this update is cheeky
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    Oct 2016
    Nipsey going to cry lol
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    Sep 2016

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    Oct 2016
    well I'm rdy need to max alrdy
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    Jan 2018
    Where do we get the client? and any estimated time for server to be back up?
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    Oct 2016
    NIPSEY is going to be fucking ecstatic.
    "iM gOoD aT mY jOB"
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    Mar 2018
    Still down right?
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    Feb 2018
    any updates about the server? is it still down? wheres the new server dl link etc?
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