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    Ring of Wealth (i) can be redeemed in game via "Bonds". Bonds can be bought at the Battle-Scape Store https://www.battle-scape.com/store.

    To redeem a Ring of Wealth (i) Click on your bond "Redeem", then select "Convert to an item".

    After that on the screen that pops up, select option 2 "Ring of Wealth (i)"

    You will then be prompted again just to make sure you selected the correct option. Select "Make Purchase"

    Ring of Wealth (i) Benefits:

    The Ring of Wealth (i) has two types of charges, the effects of the ring activate without having to equip it.

    Charge Type 1:
    Charged with slayer points, 1 point = 1%. Lasts for ~800 kills.
    • x12.5% Drop Rates or x6.25% Drop Rates for Hard/Ironman
    • Automatically Picks up: Coins, bones, herbs, crystal key halves, clue scrolls, ensouled heads, ancient shards and dark totems. All of which are automatically sent to your bank apart from coins if you have Gold Membership.
    • All monsters are aggressive [Toggle]

    Charge Type 2:
    Charged with vote tickets, 1 vote ticket = 2%, 50 to fully charge.
    • Fully Charged can create 25 Boss Instances, lasting one hour each.
    • Clan Chat members can join a created instance.
    • Provides all players with a 12.5% accuracy boost, and a 2.5% Strength and Defence Boost.

    Charge Type 3:
    Bond Charging - A bond can be used to charge type 1+2 to 100%

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    Is it just 1 bond for the ring ?then another bond to charge it? Thanks

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