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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    Hardcore Ironman mode has been released! Do you have what it takes to survive?

    Hardcore Ironman Mode

    Hardcore ironman mode has been added to BattleScape! This mode is nearly identical to regular ironman mode, but with one key difference: if you die, you will be reverted to a normal ironman and your current XP will be your final XP on the hardcore ironman hiscores. The server will also do its best to record your reason for death and include it on the hiscores.

    Safe deaths: Pest Control, Fight Cave, Inferno, Mage Arena 2, Raids, Lunar Diplomacy/Dream Mentor fight, RFD fight, Duel Arena, Clan Wars, Clan Wars FFA, and Clan Wars Tournament. Having Gold membership does NOT count as a safe death: while items will still be protected, your rank will not be.

    PK Elo Rating

    A PK Elo rating system has been added. The default rating is 1200 and will increase or decrease depending on whether you kill a player or die to a player. However, Elo ratings ONLY change if both players are skulled. Your overall Elo is displayed on the quest tab and hiscores, but there is a second Elo rating that resets every month that may be incorporated later on.

    In Other News

    • Zulrah, Vorkath, and Grotesque Guardians are no longer considered safe deaths.
    • The quest tab now displays the total number of clue scrolls opened - clicking this will display your individual clue scroll counts.
    • The quest tab now displays your PK Elo rating - clicking this will display individual PK statistics.
    • Opened clue counts are now stored on the hiscores.
    • Hard mode accounts can now be traded bonds from normal mode.
    • Fixed crushing bones only allowing 1 at a time.
    • Fixed freezing resetting incorrectly.
    • Re-fixed player and npc options not saving correctly.
    • Fixed the slash attack bonus of the leaf-bladed battleaxe.
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    Super Donator
    Oct 2016
    well I guess is time im gonna welfare zulrah for now on
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    Sep 2017
    Thank youuuuuu for the bone update!!!!!
    The non safe death thing does that include even if we have gold members?, I would assume no?
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    Junior Member
    Dec 2017
    Great update
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    Junior Member
    May 2017
    Sick update, Rip to my Fake HC. Hello new game mode. xD
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    Overseer Specialist
    Dec 2016
    Nice update, time to grind some actual hc.
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    Extreme Donator
    Dec 2016
    Add sound effects please.
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    Junior Member
    Mar 2018
    'Zulrah, Vorkath, and Grotesque Guardians are no longer considered safe deaths.'

    What happens if we die to any of these without gold mems - we lose items? cannot run back and loot from zulrah as its instanced
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    Junior Member
    Mar 2018
    You cant unless you have gold you are safe, i tried on both my accounts one with gold one without and the account without gold lost items and no way to get it back...
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    Dec 2016
    Hooray for hc boringman mode
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