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    If you want to PvP in a clan and smite out players, look no further! The special attack of the ancient mace can do just that when stacked together. Hiscores have also been given multiple additions involving more bosses and PvP related scores.

    Ancient Mace

    The ancient mace can be purchased from Horvik for 20K. While this weapon is weak alone, when paired together the special attack can potentially drain a large number of prayer points from an unsuspecting player.

    Hiscores Additions

    Hiscores have been given a fair number of new entries to compete with. These include Slayer bosses and wilderness bosses. For PvP, these include KDR, sprees, and dueling wins and losses.

    Free Kraken Instances

    While not to take away too much from the ring of wealth (i), kraken instances can now be created for free while on task. This was done because unlike the other Slayer bosses that either have multiple instances or are multi-combat, the kraken is single combat with one single instance.

    Runecrafting Changes

    The ZMI altar teleport located on the Lunar spellbook now teleports you directly into the dungeon, and the altar itself has had its chances of giving better runes higher. This should help move the ZMI altar in line with how good it is in OSRS. The Runecrafting cape has also been added to the capes of accomplishment shop.

    In Other News

    • Small increase to accuracy has been made.
    • Added the turquoise slayer helmet (i) to the vote shop.
    • Setting a level that you've reached 99 in will no longer warn you about setting your level too high.
    • Imbued god capes now require level 60 magic to equip.
    • PID hits are now visible again.
    • The active/inactive multipliers for drop rates and experience boosts is now more clearly listed in the quest tab.
    • Fixed freezes not always staying when far away from the target you're freezing.
    • Fixed an issue with RC not giving the correct number of bonus runes, causing a bug that could give you no runes.
    • Fixed an issue with changing between fixed/resizable breaking interface clicking.
    • Fixed the fishing level requirement of the dragon harpoon.
    • Fixed the imbued god max capes and assembler max cape not being able to perform the skillcape emote.
    • Fixed the max stats announcement.
    • Fixed the steam rune and staves not working correctly.
    • Fixed the dragon platebody's sleeves.
    • Fixed the rift guardian pet.
    • Fixed the God Wars altars listing the incorrect amount of time remaining.
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    ZMI is officially the best RC method now.
    I do miss you guys.
    hmu on discord @ Vojem#1337
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    sweet thanks for fixing the pid.
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    Nothing on the HiScores has changed O.o
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brooksy View Post
    Nothing on the HiScores has changed O.o
    Give it time to refresh, plus gives me a time to catch up know what i mean :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by London View Post
    ZMI is officially the best RC method now.
    Exactly what I was waiting on
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    Thanks Pali!
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