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    The newest skill for BattleScape has been released - Runecrafting! In addition to this, hiscores for boss killcounts, combat level memory for stat setting, and iron man status removal and armour reclaiming have been added.


    Use talismans to teleport to altars to craft runes and combination runes, or travel to the ZMI altar and craft a variety of runes. To carry more essence at once, travel to the Abyss and obtain pouches that can hold essence for you. While talismans can be obtained through other monsters, the Abyss creatures drop most talismans and are some of their only drops.

    Boss Killcount Hiscores

    The hiscores have expanded, and you can now track and show off your boss killcounts through your hiscores profile. A drop-down option has been added to the hiscores drop-down to compete for the most kills on multiple bosses found throughout BattleScape.

    Iron Adam - Armour and Status Removal

    Adam has been added west of the Edgebille bank near the make-over mage and the combat instructor. Speaking to him will allow you to remove your iron man status, but to do so you are required to have a bank PIN set first. Adam will also sell the appropriate armour to game modes who had unique armour.

    Combat Stat Setting - Normal Mode

    On normal mode, when setting a stat higher than your current stat, you would be given a -25% multiplier toward drop rates. This in itself isn't bad if you choose you don't want to spend any time training, but it meant that you could only ever set your stats lower, and never set them back higher. Wanted to be able to swap your account between a pure and main depending on your current activity? This was only possible by retraining after lowering your stats if you want to avoid the drop rate penalty.

    Assuming your account isn't already penalized from setting stats, when you achieve a new high level, that level will be recorded. This way you could train your defence to level 99, lower it down to level 1, and then later return it to level 99 without suffering a penalty.

    If you would like to reset the drop rate penalty without creating a new account, you have two options: one is resetting your combat stats to 1 using the "reset all combat levels" option. Alternatively, at login, your account is checked to see if it is capable of wearing a max cape. If it is, the drop rate penalty is removed.

    In Other News

    • Adjustments have been made to the accuracy and defence hit chance system.
    • Players can now be attacked in single zones even while in combat with the Chaos Elemental.
    • The revenant cave teleport will now take you to the north entrance.
    • The time between loadout/special restore after leaving the wilderness has been reduced from 2 to 1 minute.
    • Attempting to use a special attack with insufficient energy will now perform a normal attack instead of no attack.
    • Leather crafting now uses the make-all system.
    • Belona will now allow you to toggle mining minerals.
    • Lowered the chance of minnow spots having flying fish appear.
    • Living wyverns will now consistently require the correct shield.
    • Fixed attacking while magic while out of range moving you into melee distance.
    • Fixed the staff of the dead and variants having the wrong attack styles/not considered a slash weapon.
    • Fixed items not properly stacking on the ground.
    • Fixed the attack options not saving.
    • Fixed being able to create a dragon platebody.
    • Fixed the imbued god capes not counting as god items in the God Wars Dungeon.
    • Fixed donator crowns not having proper requirements to equip.

    In Other News #2

    • The binding necklace now works correctly for crafting combination runes.
    • Fixed a bug with the granite maul special attack.
    • Fixed the assembler max cape not functioning as Ava's assembler.
    • Fixed wrath rune crafting.
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    Feb 2018
    Awesome updates, i'm excited for runecrafting!
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    Apr 2017
    Solid update.
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    Feb 2018
    Awesome update welldone
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    Oct 2017
    so excited!
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    Oct 2017
    good updates
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    Jan 2017
    Time to get that max cape back

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    Oct 2016
    Few notes about rcing:

    Add rc outfit
    Add rc pet
    Max level announcements still fixate at 1983
    Add astral rcing (lunar magic book)
    Add blood/soul rcing
    Add law rcing
    Check again on multiplier rates, some might still be at rs rates
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amorphis View Post
    Few notes about rcing:

    Add rc outfit
    Add rc pet
    Max level announcements still fixate at 1983
    Add lava altar/teleport (lunar magic book)
    Add astral rcing (lunar magic book)
    Add blood/soul rcing
    Add law rcing
    Check again on multiplier rates, some might still be at rs rates
    Whats a Runecraft outfit? If you are referring to Pre-EoC he can’t add until someone or he makes a program to adjust the items to work in the client.

    ps. i love miika.

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    weak update.
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