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    Today brings Vorkath, a brand new solo boss! With it includes ava's assembler, dragonfire ward, dragonbone neckace, turqoise slayer helmet, and super antifire potions. Additional updates include the new Mage Arena 2 bosses and the staff of light.


    Vorkath can now be taken on as the newest boss to BattleScape! With it brings the new best XP for bones: superior dragon bones. These bones can also be crushed and added to antifire potions.

    The dragonbone necklace provides the best in slot prayer bonus for a necklace, and also restores your prayer bones based on the type of bone you bury.

    Vorkath's head is a unique drop that can be used to create two different items. The first is attaching it to an ava's accumulator to create ava's assembler. The second is adding it to a slayer helmet to create a turqoise slayer helmet.

    Mage Arena 2 Changes

    The graphics of the final phase of the Mage Arena 2 minigame have been updated to match OSRS. With this includes their change stats (including increased hitpoints). They've been given special attacks, melee attacks, but have had the amount of damage they can inflict through prayer halved.

    Given the previous change of being able to skip straight to the final wave once you've completed the minigame at least once, the capes are now lost on death to match OSRS.

    Staff of Light

    You can now combine the staff of the dead with Saradomin's light to create the staff of light. It functions the same as the staff of the dead except that it can autocast Saradomin strike.

    In Other News

    • The revenant drop tables have been updated to reflect the improvements made to them in OSRS.
    • Halberds no longer inflict reduced damage against the Corporeal Beast.
    • Vet'ions shockwave and Callisto's knockback attack frequency has been reduced.
    • Reduced the frequency of Vet'ion using his magic attack.
    • The toxic blowpipe will no longer consume a dart 100% of the time.
    • Added the dragon crossbow special attack.
    • Adamant and rune dragon kill/loot tracking now works.
    • Fixed Elvarg not being visible.
    • Fixed toxic staff of the dead's magic defence bonus.
    • Fixed canceling and blocking Slayer assignments.
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    Feb 2018
    Yay wonder if its hard
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    Oct 2016
    So hyped for Vorkath, very nice update! Love it.
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    Feb 2018
    Wow, amazing job & excited to get killed by this new boss attempting of that SoL though. <3_<3. Thanks again!
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    Feb 2018
    Couldn't loot the Head or any items i just got from vorkath
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    Oct 2016
    Skeletal visage/Dragonfire ward next time?
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    Jan 2017
    Nice work! Those new ma2 bosses look sick.

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    Jan 2018
    Do the revs still drop pvp items also?
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    Oct 2017
    Feedback on vorkath:
    No cooldown on his special attacks (the poison pools, the 1hit mechanic, prayer disabler) he often does them b2b2b2b
    The crumble undead spell has been splashing fairly often (not 100% sure if it splashes on osrs)
    anti-fires don't seem to work at all (haven't taken any more/less damage with blowpipe and no anti than with superanti+dfs+pray mage)
    Vorkath still attacks you while he does the minion phase (ie; you're frozen, attack the minion and he will use his 1 hit fireball while frozen)
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    Oct 2016
    Might have to make a guide soon

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