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    Sep 2016
    Deep within the ruins of a dragonkin castle, lies two new ancient dragons. The adamant and rune dragons have been discovered, and can now be slain for new loot!

    Lithkren Vault - Adamant and Rune Dragons

    Adamant and rune dragons both drop wrath runes used for surge spells, dragon limbs for the new dragon crossbow, and dragon bolts! Adamant dragon specifically drop the dragon metal slice used to create the dragon kiteshield, and rune dragons drop the dragon metal lump used to create the dragon platebody!

    Hardcore and ironman modes currently can only obtain wrath runes through these drops. However, in the near future, runecrafting will be released to allow these modes to more easily access the rune.

    Ornament Kits

    Brand new ornament kits have been released! These include the dragon boots (g), necklace of anguish (or), dragon platebody (g), and dragon kiteshield (g). The dragon boots kit is obtained through hard clue scrolls, while the rest are obtained through master clue scrolls.

    Leather Shields

    Leather shields can now be made using a combination of logs, nails, and hide. They act as mid-tier shields for ranged. To fully create a leather shield, you'll have to use a combination of skills.

    Chompy Chick

    Redeeming a bond, either through gold membership or converting it into an item, now gives a 5% chance that you will also receive a chompy chick pet.

    In Other News

    • The dragon hunter crossbow has been buffed to 30% more accuracy and damage against dragons.
    • Increased the drop rate of PvP weapons from revenants.
    • Ring of wealth (i) forced aggression can now be toggled through its settings.
    • The leaf-bladed battleaxe will now deal 17.5% more damage to turoths and kurasks.
    • If you've chosen to set combat levels, you'll be able to skip straight to wave 63 in the Fight Cave.
    • Hardcore and ironman accounts can now use the Inferno boost option if they've completed the Inferno.
    • Depositing the contents of the PK supply box will now give you all the items it should.
    • Defensive magic autocasting can now be selected.
    • The Abyssal Sire will now quickly reset if you leave/die.
    • Added a message for when your imbued heart's cooldown is up.
    • Clicking your KDR will now give you an option to say it.
    • The heavy casket now uses the correct animations.
    • Dart tips can no longer be added to a blowpipe.
    • Fixed darts from the toxic blowpipe not decreasing.
    • Fixed the ancient wyvern shield.

    Raids Changes

    • Overload potions can now be drank.
    • Tekton can now be attacked while he walks to the anvil.
    • Tekton's attacks can now be dodged by moving around him.
    • Increased the aggression range of lizardman shamans.
    • Fixed protect from magic not protecting stunned players from Vasa.
    • Fixed using the shared storage.
    • Fixed raids specific items not appearing for everyone when you drop them.
    • Fixed revitalisation potions.
    • Fixed the energy well.
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    Jan 2017
    Fine update! nice QOL as well. Interested to see how the ornament kit will look, it seems sick. Regarding raids, any idea when a full release with drops etc can happen?

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    Oct 2016
    Very nice update, super excited. Could you add the new dragon hunter crossbow buff as well? Or maybe next time Anyways, great stuff as always!

    Edit: Aye, you added it! Appreciate ya
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    Jan 2018
    not bad update i likey
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    Jan 2018
    Amazing update! can't wait to try out these new dragons!
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    Nov 2016
    Ayyyy content!
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    Dec 2016
    Nice update i love paladino
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    Oct 2016
    Nice work pal
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    Sep 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by Bud View Post
    Very nice update, super excited. Could you add the new dragon hunter crossbow buff as well? Or maybe next time Anyways, great stuff as always!
    Thanks for the reminder, will be in this update
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    Jan 2018
    Looks awesome
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