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    Horror from the Deep

    1. Horror from the Deep is an extremely quick and easy quest. You must fight a boss that continually swaps weaknesses, where she can only be damaged by a specific weapon type, represented by her current colour. To speed up the kill, you will want to bring the following - Combat spells for each Elemental Rune, a Ranged weapon and a Melee weapon.

    2. If you're not already in Edgeville, you can teleport there by using the Home Teleport within your Spellbook.

    3. To begin the quest, locate Jossik just south of the Bank and speak to him, choosing the Miniquest option.

    4. You will immediately be teleported to the Dagannoth Lair where the Boss will spawn North of your position. You may use Deflect from Missiles to avoid all damage, however she won't hit you very much at all regardless.

    5. As previously mentioned, she will continually swap colours. Her weaknesses and order of appearance are;-

    White - Air Spells

    Blue - Water Spells

    Orange - Melee

    Brown - Earth Spells

    Red - Fire Spells

    Green - Ranged

    6. If you are missing a Weapon/Spell to damage her current colour, there are a couple of stalagmites to the North-East side of the room where she cannot attack you, if you stand behind them. use this to your advantage.

    7. Once the boss is dead, you may freely teleport back to Edgeville and once again speak to Jossik. You will now be able to purchase several God-alligned books - Each providing different stats. These are equipped in the Shield slot.

    Holy Book (Saradomin) - Provides +8 to each Defensive stat.

    Book of Balance (Guthix) - Provides +4 to each Offensive stat and +4 to each Defensive stat.

    Unholy Book (Zamorak) - Provides +8 to each Offensive stat.

    Book of Law (Armadyl) - Provides +10 Ranged Bonus.

    Book of War (Bandos) - Provides +2 Strength Bonus.

    Book of Darkness (Zaros) - Provides +10 Mage Bonus.

    Each book has a standard +5 Prayer Bonus.


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