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  1. #1 Looking for Guide Makers (Free Gold Membership)  - 01-26-2018
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    So, this forum is dead and hard for people to gain forum activity. I have created something to get some people motivated into posting on the forum and even using the forum for what is being posted.

    - So "How do I get free membership?"

    It's very easy, I am looking for you to create Guides for new players to get an ease on how to do things instead of trying to get help in-game and get no answers. I am looking for very detailed threads. Things in Yellow mean we need a Guide on this specific content. Blue means one has already been made. If you want to make a guide that is not listed on the thread I am linking, feel free to create it, and you will still be able to get free Membership this way. We want players to stay here, and not be confused and logout of the server because it's too confusing or there are no one to help them.

    You will receive 1 week of free Membership for "each" Guide you make. (Must be detailed, no quick text or Copy-Paste from Wikia.) Will maybe discuss Forum Rank/Special cosmetic item in-game for supporting the server.

    You can see the Guide Index here.

    Here is the Demo:

    Skilling Guides

    • Agility Guide Needed (With Pictures)
    • Cooking Guide Needed (With Pictures)
    • Crafting Guide Needed (With Pictures)
    • Firemaking Guide Needed (With Pictures)
    • Fishing Guide Needed (With Pictures)
    • Fletching Guide Needed (With Pictures)
    • Herblore Guide Needed (With Pictures)
    • Hunter Guide Needed (With Pictures)
    • Mining Guide (Thanks to Faithed)
    • Smithing Guide Needed (With Pictures)
    • Thieving Guide (Thanks to Kelvin)
    • Woodcutting Guide Needed (With Pictures)
    Need something to upload pictures? Use ShareX, it's so easy to use and it automatically uploads to Imgur for you. Download here.

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    ps. i love miika.

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    I'll try my best to make a couple of guide's AS much explained.
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    I would love to see some guides for the mini games as well that we dont already have.
    Its baby season at my house soo much love
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    Jan 2018
    Just uploaded a Woodcutting guide!

    Let me know how everything looks.
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    Jan 2018
    Going to try a few things for guides, maybe making a video version of the currently existing guides aswell could be useful? Might be helpful for people who like video guides.
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    Jan 2017
    I might get back to making some more guides when i have the time soon. Good initiative!

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    May 2017
    We need players
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    Quote Originally Posted by A Dark Soul View Post
    We need players
    Waiting for Mobile to come out to show old players who don’t currently play will play again and probably have that slight feeling Private Servers still exist. All servers use fake Playercount and PK/PvM bots. The top server probably has less real players than we do.

    ps. i love miika.

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