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    Dec 2017
    Using this thread to note anything that needs fixing/changing within Raids.

    When standing underneath Vasa you should tick continuous damage, You should need to stand on the other side of the crystal when attacking.

    Tekton gets nulled at the anvil, doesn't move from it

    You should be getting more secondaries per drop, most of the time i was getting 1-3 per in a drop should be higher. If one person goes to get secondaries it'll take longer than the raid. Needs Buffing

    Potions disappeared for me but other people was able to see them. When items are dropped on the floor they should last there for 30 minutes without other people seeing them.

    Unable to make chest to store our gear/supplies = unable to continue with raid (MUST FIX ASAP)

    When dropping item's within the raid For instance, Planks/Buchu etc other players cannot see them, which they should be able to.

    Still getting multiple map glitches

    Also you currently aren't able to fish the fishing spots, I didn't check wether you're able to catch the bats though.

    - Note - This is all the info i was able to gather due to Tekton glitching and not being able to proceed, There will probably be many more glitches/bugs which i haven't came across as i've only done a small majority of rooms not including Olm fight.


    (I posted this earlier but not sure if you've dealt with them yet so i'll add here for you to see.)

    Extension to the above -- Not Beta ready. I've got over 500+ Killcount at raids on OSRS and these are the problems i bumped into in 1 single raid I did.

    Small muttadile, only one person can attack it should be multiple.

    Vanguards - When standing in corners of the room all of them are able to attack you, this will be a problem when soloing.
    Also, when i left vanguards to trade another player for supplies, we went back in the room and all of the vanguards were nulled.

    Tekton - Killed him, wasn't able to pick up the supplies it dropped.

    Also after defeating the Shaman room when we tried to exit to the next room we were stuck in a loop consistently leading us to the shaman room.

    Vasa - Only one of us was able to attack the crystal which should be multi, also it appeared that vasa didn't gain health when on the crystal. Another thing Vasa never goes back to the same crystal to heal, it's always a different crystal.

    When leaving the raid I still had Supplies in my invent from the raid Aka Xeric's aids and seeds.

    Also in OSRS, The health pool of mobs/bosses scale to the amount of people in the raid.
    As far as the amount you should scale the health I do not know exactly how much it should be scaled by.
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    Jan 2017
    Amazing work on finding all these problems! Respect!
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    Jan 2017
    - Overload cant seem to be made:

    - Items should stay on the ground at all maps
    - All public chat should be seen in all of the raid
    - Tekton does literally nothing

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