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Ouch... You're really going to lie and say the server in 2015 didn't have 100s of players? Such a shame

Truth is the admins of the server just aren't any good at pking. They like pvming and skilling so they're in the owners ear telling them that everyone wants a skilling server! Meanwhile, the "742!" that Alex was referring to had 10 players for the however many months (6+, dragged it out because all of the staff slaved it) they had it up.

People want to play BS for the namesake. The excuse that people play spawn servers instead of battlescape is rubbish. People just don't want to slave for 16k hours.

(TRIGGER WARNING FOR THE NERDY SKILLING STAFF) If Pali actually made a thread of what the old pkers wanted (triggered yet skillers?), I'm sure it would be understood that we want easy everything but hard enough that pking good items meant something. Obviously we used to have to slave for stuff because we were 14-18, but now we are adults. If it was known 3 weeks prior that the same-ish BS was coming back there would be a lot of excitement. Obviously for not, seeing as it seems Pali doesn't like pking servers anyway, but still
You're correct with the admins not preferring the pvp content, but Palidino actually listen's to the community. Create feedback threads what you'd like to be changed.

Never seen you at wilderness, do you even play the game?