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    Jan 2017
    I oftenly hear how people don't want to vote, because it take's so much time to vote on the all sites. The recaptcha challenges take quite long sometimes also.

    All the toplists Battlescape is linked to, use recaptcha for validation. (Except Runelocus and RSPS-Page)
    Recaptcha is owned by Google Inc. and Google is known for their attempts to add some benefits for using their services. What most of the people don't know is that you can vote on the sites that use recaptcha by not needing to actually do the challenge. It will verify you automatically if you're logged in on your Google account.

    As example, stay logged to you Youtube account and vote on all the toplists.
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    Jan 2017
    Never knew that! That is a useful thing to know thanks

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    Mar 2017
    oh damn, didn't know that. gonna use that from now on haha
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    Oct 2016
    If you only open the runelocus one first, and do it first, it loads alot faster then do the others. Top 100 arena is actually on an 18 hour timer, not 24 as many ppl think and not 12 like the others. Also vote in the same order every time if voting on a 12 hour exactly schedule. This prevents having to wait on the 12 timer to regen.
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    Aug 2018
    Nice tip, thanks!
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    Nov 2018
    Wow! Best guide ever added to the forum.

    Imagine not knowing how to vote or that recaptcha is owned by Google!
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