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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
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    The current plan is to release the server this weekend, with Sunday night being the absolute latest if it can't be helped. Given that isn't a whole lot of time, and many of you have suggested large amounts of things (all good, but many of which don't need immediate attention), post what needs to be taken care of before this weekend here.

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    Sep 2016
    More bosses, Zulrah for sure or some way to obtain blowpipe/serp helm

    Tb/entangle, vote shop, more untradeables void, fighter hat rune pouch, looting bag, etc.

    Jesse knows the rest once the pleb is on.

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    Oct 2016
    Combat? Switches? Pathing is messed up?

    2 days release, well I suggest you get to work then xD.

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    Oct 2016
    Gambling - Definitely needed..

    Add FPing or dicing until duel is out, because ppl won't want to just pk and pvm, but a majority like to gamble.

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    Oct 2016
    These bugs MUST be fixed (Super Important Ones In Bold), let us beta test they are all fixed before release.

    • Player Following & Trading is really weird. It's forcing players onto weird tiles when trying to do both and is just really clunky (GIFS for both different ones)
    • PM still isn't working
    • Pathfinding doesn't like to walk around corners
    • Armadyl/Bandos bosses aren't working with the shared loot system.
    • Shared loot system should give the person getting the shared loot 100% drops too (Bones/Feathers/Dag Hide etc)
    • Currently, if you are frozen then get killed you will still be frozen on death.
    • Daganoth king door exits don't work
    • Increase the agro range on normal NPC's by 3 or 4 squares (It's too short at the moment)
    • People are in clanchat but don't have a purple minimap icon
    • Auto Retaliate/Attack Style needs to save on logout.
    • Removing items from bank should leave a gap when withdrawn (until bank is closed then reopened) if placeholder mode isn't on.
    • Dark Beasts are given as a task but you cannot access them
    • Rearrange mode isn't saving when re logging
    • Arrow should be placed above your targets head
    • We Still aren't being displayed BH Overlay in the wilderness
    • When you login the game needs to Automatically Capitalise The First Letter of the name & any letters after a [space]
    • If you normal cast spells (not autocast) whilst you are already frozen, the game isn't queuing up your spells. It just says "A Magical Force stops you from moving" and makes you have to use the spell on your opponent again and again and again. Sometimes you have to use the spell on them 3 or 4 times just for it to cast once. It will do this constantly & the only way to stop it is by using autocast. (I can show you on the BETA server if you need to see it).


    Missing Special Attacks

    • Dragon Scimitar
    • Dragon Spear/Zamorak Spear
    • Staff of the dead

    Missing Magic Stuff

    • BH target teleport on all spellbooks needs to be added
    • God Spells need their effects
    • Charge Needs to be added
    • Bind/Snare/Entangle Need to be added
    • Teleblock Needs to be added
    • Ancient/Lunar Spellbook teleports need to be added (Wilderness ones at least)
    • Teleport Tabs for ancient spellbook teleports need to be added
    • Trident needs to work


    Missing Blood Money Shop Items

    • Torag/Guthan Items
    • Void/Elite Void Robes
    • Void Mace (Can autocast claws of guthix)
    • Ardougne Cloak 1/2/3/4
    • Rune Pouch
    • Halo's
    • Zamorakian Hasta
    • Imbued Rings

    Important Shop Item Changes

    • Make Defenders up to Rune Free
    • Make Avas Free
    • Make God Capes Free


    Missing PVM NPC's

    • Dark Beasts
    • Corporael Beast
    • Chaos Elemental/King Black Dragon
    • Chaos Fanatic/Crazy Archaeologist/Scorpia & Callisto/Vet'ion/Venenatis
    • Various Wilderness NPC's
    • TzTok-Jad

    Missing PVM Areas

    • Dark Beast Cave
    • Karamja Dungeon/Tzhaar Caves
    • Catacombs of Kourend (Important to add this)
    • Ancient Caverns
    • Wilderness Godwars Dungeon Area

    Other Missing PVM Content

    • Pets Don't work
    • Fight Pits


    General Missing Content

    • Some Form Of Tutorial
    • Starter Cash
    • Vote Shop or something similar
    • Correct wilderness multi zones
    • Wilderness Obeslisks
    • Makeover Mage
    • Price Checker
    • Emotes
    • Edgeville Wilderness Lever
    • Duel Arena
    • Mage Bank Lever
    • Guthans/Torags/Ahrims/Karils/Veracs need full set effects with working GFX


    Combat Adjustments

    - Magic just seems to be splashing a little bit to often (not by much though it's actually not to bad)
    - Melee Defence just seems a bit to tanky at the moment. You hit at lot of 0s on people wearing no items.
    - Range also seems a bit too inaccurate

    Defence just feels like it's doing to much. I believe attack is fine.



    • GP/Hour from NPC's should probably be doubled, it's super low at the moment
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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
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    Attack style and rearrange mode are saving fine for me, it's just auto-retaliate that doesn't appear to be.

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    Oct 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by Palidino View Post
    Attack style and rearrange mode are saving fine for me, it's just auto-retaliate that doesn't appear to be.
    Oops MB

    The magic bug with freezing is really fking bad & 100% needs to be fixed before release.

    It's not the easiest thing for me to explain (even though I tried), I can show you in game how to replicate if it helps.
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    Oct 2016
    2 more small bugs

    - If somebody walks 1 square or more out of barrage range it needs to unfreeze them
    - Freeze timer needs to be removed on death

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    Sep 2016
    Staff commands, at least kick and mute for overseers. or at the very least allow kick from cc

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    Oct 2016
    The item switching for hybriding is not really that good, please fix if it can be done

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