LAST UPDATED: 12/9/2018

Gold Member Benefits (14 days):
Game Mode Specific: All
x5% Drop Rates (Including Barrows and all Pets)
x5% XP Rates
x25% Larger Coin Drops
25% Cheaper Perdu Item Reclaiming
25% Slower Run Energy Drain Outside of the Wilderness
x25% Slayer/Boss Points
x25% Pest Control Points
+10% Skilling Success Rates
Noted Herb, Key halves, and Ensouled Head Drops
Extra Marks of Grace
God Wars kills count as double
General Store Buys at High Alch Value
Noted Dragon Bone/Scale Drops in the Wilderness

Game Mode Specific: Normal
Skip A Portion of the Fight Cave and Inferno

Ring of wealth (i):
The Ring of Wealth (i) has two types of charges.
It's effects activate without having to equip it.

Charge Type 1: Charged with 2M Coins
Lasts for ~400 Kills
x5% Drop Rates
Automatically Picks Up (Toggle options):
- Bones, herbs, crystal keys, clue scrolls
- Ensouled heads, ancient shards, dark totems
- All Monsters Aggressive

Charge Type 2: Charged with 20M Coins
Fully charged can create 20 boss instances, lasting one hour each.
Provides all players with a 12.5% accuracy boost, and a 2.5% strength and defence boost.
Clan Chat members can join a created instance.

Bond Charging
A Bond can be used to charge both types to 100%, but type 1 receives a x2 charge (~800 kills) if a bond if used for the row (i) charge.

Skilling outfits:
When wearing a complete skilling outfit, the outfit will provide 12.5% more XP and also increase your chance of success by 12.5%.
2.5% increased chance for clue scrolls (where eligible).

Some sets include additional garments, but only the hat, top, legs, and boots are required to be worn to receive the benefits.