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    Today's update brings in a number of quality of life improvements for PvMers, including loot tracking and loot drop rate checking. Multiple new boss rewards items have been added to help fill the shop and provide lower cost rewards. Finally, Bounty Hunter has had changes to improve it including being able to opt-out of the target system entirely.

    Rare Loot Log

    A new monster rare loot log has been added along side the kill count logs. The log displays the number of rare items you received from monsters with unique drops, and will also keep track of the number of coins and clue scrolls that were dropped.

    Items shown will track their kill count you had leading up to the drop, up to 10 times per unique item. Simply click an item for a reminder or screenshot of how many kills it took you to get the item as a drop.

    With this new loot tracking, a number of non-slayer and non-boss monsters are now tracked. Monsters such as demonic gorillas and lizardman shamans can now be properly tracked so that you can follow your progress. Nieve can also reset your kill counts to properly match the loot and loot's KC to your total KC.

    Slayer Ring

    The slayer ring has been added to the Boss Slayer rewards shop, for 250 points. This ring provides two unique uses, the first being that you can use up to 8 teleports directly to your slayer task, or charge it with 250 slayer points and get 500 charges that each will turn a bone drop into noted form while on slayer and boss slayer tasks.

    The ring can be upgraded to provide unlimited charges to your slayer tasks by using an eternal gem on it. The ring will retain its current charges, but will no longer degrade when used to teleport.

    The ring of wealth has also been upgraded to now pick up noted bone drops, which when stacked with gold membership, means bone drops will go directly into your bank.

    Bounty Hunter Changes

    Today's update brings a few changes to Bounty Hunter and the target system. Previously, targets were selected at random. This meant that while you had a target, your target didn't necessarily have you as a target. This has been changed and now targets are selected in pairs.

    In addition to this, targets are no longer restricted if they aren't deep enough in the wilderness to actually attack each other. Fear not though, the max combat level difference still sits at 5 levels.

    You can now speak to the Emblem Trader to opt out of the target system entirely. This means that you won't be assigned a target and other players can't receive you as a target. While this won't prevent players using alt accounts to teleblock and use ancient magic against you, it can at least help conceal the fact that you're in the wilderness at all. With this change, the Bounty teleport spell has been reversed and is no longer restricted by a wilderness level.

    Rare Loot Rates

    Designed similarly to rare loot log, you can now look up the drop rates of all the popular monsters/items and find out just how rare a certain item is to obtain.

    Boss Slayer Reward Additions

    Including the slayer ring, there are multiple new rewards that have been added.

    Ecumenical keys have been added for 200 points, which give a one time use to bypass the God Wars kill count requirement. The holy wrench has been added for 250 points, which gives a boost to how much many points are restored with a prayer or super restore potion. Bones to peaches tabs have been added for 15 points, converting bones and big bones to peaches that heal 8 hitpoints.

    In Other News

    • Bob Bartner will now exchange unfinished potions for noted vials of water and herbs.
    • Clue scroll counts are now logged in the quest tab under PvM.
    • An option to collect bones has been added to the ring of wealth (i).
    • Fire cape has been added to the Blood Money shop for 200K.
    • Bosses that drop loot for multiple players have had their rates lowered from x2 (default multiplier) to x1.5.
    • Skotizo now counts as a black demon.
    • Brutal black dragons added to the slayer log.
    • Added the smooth dance, crazy dance, and air guitar emotes.
    • The drawing times of the wishing well and PK raffle have been adjusted.
    • Added a message to the Clan Wars Tournament about being given one more minute to finalize your items.
    • Fixed the Chaos Elemental not spawning.
    • Fixed the dark energy core not moving.
    • Fixed not being able to close doors/gates from the other side once you open them.
    • Fixed ensouled heads not being collected by the ring of wealth (i) from superior creatures.
    • Fixed the Catacombs of Kourend dagannoths using ranged instead of melee.

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    May 2017
    Loving this update
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    Jul 2017
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    Sep 2017
    looks dope
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    Nov 2016
    Nice updates, the fuck.
    a hoe never gets cold.
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    Oct 2016
    Soo much more balanced ty Pali
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    Oct 2016
    solid shit son
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    Jan 2017
    Amazing update!

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    Woke up to wet dream about this.

    ps. i love miika.

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    Apr 2017
    Thanks for the update. Although with the loot drop table thingy for what loots you have for certain monsters doesn't seem to work for me, but that's just fine.
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