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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    • Twisted bow now uncaps damage to a max magic level of 350 while inside of raids (250 cap everywhere else).
    • Lowered the defence of Muttadile, Olm's claws, and Vanguards.
    • The previous teleport options now work and the last category you selected is now remembered.
    • The scrollbar on the teleport interface is now set back to the top when changing categories.
    • Gold members can now choose a different home location from Edgeville.
    • Vorkath will no longer use the high-damage dragonfire while you're frozen.
    • Using a super antifire and a dragonfire blocking shield will reduce Vorkath's normal dragonfire attacks to 0.
    • Slightly slowed down Vorkath's high-damage dragonfire projectile.
    • Added Seers Village to the cities teleports.
    • Fixed some issues involving Grotesque Guardians.
    • Fixed an issue with one of Zulrah's poison pools not properly registering.
    • Fixed buying the ring of wealth (i) on hard and ironman game modes.
    • Fixed an issue with not being able to get a new book of binding (legends quest) if you lose yours.
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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    • Xarpus from the Theatre of Blood can now be assigned as a boss during Raids.
    • Revenant drops have been nerfed given their current uniques and the uniques OSRS will be adding soon.
    • Fixed a small issue with trap objects being kept in server memory permanently under certain circumstances.

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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    • The magic fang can now be added to the uncharged trident (e).
    • The abyssal tentacle will now degrade in combat. Abyssal tentacles can be combined for a maximum of 20K charges (note if the combined charges exceed 20K, the difference will simply be lost).
    • Reduced the number of waves in the Mage Arena 2 minigame.
    • The rune pouch can now hold 16K per rune slot.
    • Imbued god capes have been added to the BM shop.
    • Reduced the chance of olm clenching his hand.
    • Crowns should now take priority over game mode icons for public and private chat.
    • Fixed looking up items on the grand exchange.
    • Fixed dismantling bracelets of ethereum.
    • Fixed exchange shops displaying the initial amount being sold and not the remaining amount.
    • Fixed raids common loot not giving the correct amount.
    • Fixed an issue with the trident.
    • Fixed the sanguinesti staff using the wrong attack interface.
    • Fixed swords having the stab and slash animations mixed up.
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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    • Scythe of vitur and sanguinesti staff can now be uncharged (note items used to charge aren't returned).
    • The trident of the seas now degrades.
    • The trident of the seas can now be enchanted to hold 20K charges by using 10 kraken tentacles on it.
    • The trident of the swamp now requires all the items in OSRS needed to charge it.
    • Adjusted the grand exchange menu options.
    • Adjusted the price of the infernal cape from voting.
    • The wishing well will now accept noted items.
    • Fixed an issue with BM random boxes.
    • The forum now uses SSL encryption.
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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    • The corporeal critter pet can now be obtained through the Corporeal Beast.
    • The Tzrek-zuk pet can now be obtained through the Inferno.
    • An option to do a long raid (every room) has been added.
    • Slight increase to the drop rate of raids unique rewards.
    • Dinh's bulwark animations have been fixed and its damage soaking effect has been added.
    • Drop rate boosts now individually provide a 20% increase for pet drops, stacking up to 80% (1.8 multiplier) if all drop rate boosts are active (voted, wishing well active, gold member, and a ring of wealth (i) equipped/carried).
    • Tekton's defence has been slightly lowered.
    • Reduced Olm's accuracy.
    • Increased the time before Tekton returns to the anvil.
    • Adjusted the way raids room ordering works.
    • Increased the total point factor of getting a unique over another player if you have more points.
    • Fixed searching for the raids 2 items on the grand exchange.
    • Further fixed the interface used for PoS and loot drop rates.
    • Fixed the raids timer on the interface.
    • Fixed an issue with fixing broken untradables.
    • Fixed the boss room order not displaying correctly in raids when you start a raid.
    • Fixed shared storage not updating properly.
    • Fixed the clan chat setup not opening.
    • Fixed rotating items with the equipment stats interface open.
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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    • Added a message informing you of the boss room layout.
    • Added the flames to the beginning of Tekton's and Vasa's room.
    • Vasa will no longer heal while standing next to a crystal but will heal 20% if the crystal isn't destroyed in time.
    • Removed the delay before you can start attacking Vasa as he moves away from the crystal.
    • Slowed Vasa's ranged projectile speed down.
    • Further increased Vasa's crystal defence against non-stab attacks.
    • Reduced Vasa's ranged defence bonus.
    • Increased the lizardman shaman purple spawn range from 3x3 to 5x5.
    • Solo skeletal mystics now have 3 mystics.
    • Further adjusted Olm's claw defence.
    • Olm's magic and ranged attack now deal a small amount of damage through prayer.
    • Olm's crystal burst attack will deal much more damage if not avoided.
    • Once Olm's claws are killed on phase 3, crystals will begin falling until Olm is dead.
    • Improved Olm's attack accuracy.
    • Olm's head and claw hitpoints have been lowered to be closer to osrs.
    • A resource room has been added before the pre-Olm room.
    • Fixed Olm using the lightning attack on the same tile.
    • Fixed shared storage not actually being shared.
    • Fixed skeletal mystics max hit.
    • Fixed the shaman count based on the number of players.
    • Fixed an issue with vanguard rotation breaking when they're hitpoints become too far apart.
    • Fixed prayer enhance potions not working.
    • Fixed Olm's attack range.
    • Fixed up Olm's acid drip attack.
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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    • Added the acid drip game messages and added the poison effect to it.
    • Olm's orb and phase specific attacks now have a minimum delay between the attacks.
    • Olm's special attacks will no longer delay his regular attacks.
    • Slowed Olm's sphere attack speed down.
    • Olm's head can no longer be melee'd.
    • Increased the defence bonuses of Olm's hands (only what they aren't weak to).
    • Added prayer enhance expiration notifications.
    • Muttadile's ranged attack damage has been raised to 45, but can now be protected against down to 30 damage.
    • Muttadile will now use his magic attack less often.
    • Tekton's max hit has been raised to match OSRS.
    • Tendrils have been added to Muttadile and the Shaman rooms.
    • Reduced the small muttadile's magic defence.
    • Reduced Vasa's crystal stab defence.
    • Magic and ranged vanguards will now always attack you with 1 projectile (opposed to being able to dodge it).
    • Vanguards will heal if their hitpoints exceed a 33% difference immediately instead of waiting for their attack cycle to end.
    • Raids items (except prayer scrolls) have been removed the boss slayer shop.
    • Increased skeletal mystic magic level.
    • Reduced Tekton's crush defence bonus.
    • Fixed the grand exchange not listing price info on the offer screen.
    • Fixed Olm's acid drip attack skipping tiles if you're running.
    • Fixed an issue with the crystal spike attack not working correctly.
    • Fixed the safespots in Olm's section.
    • Fixed the blowpipe's max attack distance.
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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    • Hard mode now has its own grand exchange. However, they can buy bonds from normal mode.
    • Unique raids item drops will now be logged under Chambers of Xeric in the rare loot log.
    • Olm's attack cycle is no longer random (regular/phase/orb attack, special attack, regular/phase/orb attack).
    • Olm's acid attacks have been added.
    • Increased the maximum distance from Olm before he emerges.
    • Reduced the defence of Olm's claws.
    • Olm will now glow green on the final phase.
    • Grand exchange offers will now expire after 30 days.
    • Fixed grand exchange offers not processing automatically.
    • Fixed being able to return to previous rooms.
    • Fixed team raids not increasing everyone's raid completion count.
    • Fixed the player swap attack with Olm not matching glow colors.
    • Fixed Olm's swap attack dealing more damage than it should.
    • Fixed Olm's sphere attack restoring prayer rather than draining it.
    • Fixed trident of the seas/swamp magic attack not working if your magic level drops below 75.
    • ::teletome and ::shutdown command has been opened up to senior moderators.
    • :: private (similiar to ::move) has been added for moderator+.
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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    • Rewards are now obtained through the proper rewards interface.
    • Added muttadile's missing drops.
    • Herbs farmed in raids will now drop to the floor if you don't have enough inventory space.
    • Completing a room will now mark you to respawn in that room if you die.
    • Vasa's magic level has been increased to make it weak against the twisted bow.
    • The delay before Vasa leaves a crystal has been increased.
    • Vanguards are now binding immune to prevent them from breaking.
    • Fixed the shared storage not working in raids.
    • Fixed raids rewards not being given if you have a full inventory.
    • Fixed overloads in raids lasting much longer than they should.
    • Fixed not being able to re-enter the final room of Barrows if you teleport out.
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    Iron Fist Your Bum
    Sep 2016
    • The three raids prayers have been added to the boss slayer shop for hard mode.
    • Antidote++s (unf) have been added to Bob's shop.
    • The Mage of Zamorak and Lundail now sell runes.
    • Added the right-click options to the occult altar.
    • A pyre ship teleport has been added to the skilling teleports.
    • Fixed the bank insert option.
    • Fixed viewing rare loot drop numbers.
    • Fixed Vorkath spawns stacking/not despawning when Vorkath dies.
    • Fixed Zuk's hitpoints overlay not updating accurately.
    • Fixed revenants being able to heal while dead.
    • Fixed the bounty hunter spell not lighting up once unlocked.
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