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I think the problem at the moment is the eco split between coins and blood money and there seems to be confusion as to what is used for what. Assuming you want to keep coins as currency with a spawn element you have to look at things such as alching spawnable items. If you want to go full eco with both BM and coins, you'll need to sort the cash eco out prior to looking into the blood money one, but for the time being I'd say make things easier rather than harder, because no one wants to run around in a rune set and do 30 hours of whip/dds pking just to buy a dh set and an ags.
Don't think I agree with this entirely, although some I do. Currently it's very easy to get items through the BM shop. The problem is that the BM shop out weighs other methods (Slayer/Bossing) so much that they're not even worth doing. That & the fact less gold enters the game than value in actual items.

Currently it takes you about 7 kills to get the BM for a whip which is probably about an hour (maybe less) of edge pking. It takes about 7 hours to get 85 slayer + time to get a whip = 7-8 hours ish.

He needs to ensure that:

1) Items are faster from PVM than PKing, otherwise you completely deter people from PVMing
2) Enough Coins enters the game to compensate for value entering in items. Realistically coins entering should be much much higher than value in items entering. Otherwise any form of trading amongst players won't exist

edit: Also not entirely convinced a PK server is the way to go. They get boring extremely fast (since shit is so quick) so it's hard to maintain a player base. I much preferred previous iterations of this server which had a balance between eco/pking. I don't think I'd find this game near as fun if it took me & every other player a couple days for every single item in game.