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    Sep 2016
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    Since we're currently updating the cache to the latest version of OSRS to get the new duel interfaces, this is a perfect time for anyone who plays OSRS and wants to help collect maps we haven't had to pitch in.

    Client: http://uppit.com/px44gihmgm6t
    Map: http://uppit.com/p4htuer27fo2

    Basically, any red square is a map we don't currently have or needs new keys for the latest OSRS cache. Take a step anyway in that map and it'll dump that whole red square into the mapxtea folder. This client will work until Thursday unless Jagex doesn't do a client update (they do roughly half time).

    Forgot to mention skip Zeah surface if you do help. With the complete makeover it had last week, has a bunch of patches on the way for it this week. Pretty much guaranteed that the Zeah fixes will be map updates which also means new xtea keys, so dumped Zeah keys before this weeks OSRS update will be useless the moment I do a cache update again. Raids are on the way soon enough, so it'd make more sense to dump Zeah in a week or two when they have it working and looking the way they want it.

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    Nov 2016
    2 b/s download speed thx uppit

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    Nov 2016
    I'm getting a 404 error on the map download, says file not found.

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