Untradable items have been moved into their own shop using point currency.
You can exchange BM (1k/100) and Slayer points (1/75) to the currency. Completing a Barrows run gives 75 points.
Multiple new untradable items added, including: ardougne cloak, castle wars items, and void knight armour.

Chaos Elemental has been given a makeover, now with attacks resembling the three Wilderness bosses.
It's respawn time has been raised to 1 hour.
The Bounty Hunter interface will stay open while you have a target outside of the Wilderness.
Combined the main and PvP tab to bring more stats on the same window.
Due to some changes in code, loadouts will have to be recreated.
More combat hit chance adjustments.
Fixed tele block having a 100% success rate.
Fixed the HP orb staying highlighted from poison.
Fixed the prayer orb staying lit with no prayers active.
Fixed binds not always working as expected.
General bug fixes and improvements.