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    Nov 2016
    Hello, just wanted to make a post, I see the "bounty teleport to target" unlock is 250k blood money, this is absolutely insane! I was told the teleport scroll for 1k blood money was a loop hole around the unlock, but later found I wasted 1k blood money for the scroll and still needed to "unlock the teleport for 250k blood money". I'm a PKer, never been much for PVM or skilling myself...
    I think it should be wayyyy cheaper, but ehhh, thoughts?

    @Palidino, any chances of decreasing this cost???


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    Apr 2020
    The cost of the scroll is weighed up against the reward value and ease of access. Once the BH Target Teleport is unlocked its perm unlocked, and since there is no opt out for players it's a constant that you as a player within the wilderness, will be hunted down via the BH Target Teleport. You can easily.unlock this scroll over a weekend of playing, as mentioned the scroll has had its costs calculated for several reasons and factors regarding its effectiveness and the layout of the PvP wilderness.

    The 250k Bloodmoney needed to unlock this also is not difficult to get, with the boost given to T10 Emblems it takes 4 emblems to unlock the scroll, this is only 40 kills or slayer tasks.

    Bloodmoney is more accessible now that ever before.

    Top tips
    Bonus Bloodmoney can also be collected from npcs while on slayer tasks and Emblems can be rewarded with good rates from the deep Larrans Key Chest within wilderness. If you are wanting even faster results, the donation store also offers Bloodmoney in exchange for bonds.

    The price of the unlock scroll won't change.

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