Hello all, some of you may have seen me in the home clan chat asking questions or just general conversating already. Wanted to post here, and say hello.
@Palidino, my friend, I was amazed when I found Battlescape existed all this time later down the road and your name still stands beside it. I have found the game to be super smooth, although the pking activity isn't so much a thing, and when I watch that old video, I remember you could pk for hours on end on Battlescape. It was always a blast, so I'm here now and just hanging around and checking things out, I look forward to seeing some of you around.

I've mentioned I used to make videos back when I last played, here's the final one I made back when this was considered "Battlescape 1". Hense, the title "In memory of Battlescape 1: II Kaz II "The ending of BS1". Enjoy! They were some good times back then.
Literally, 10 years ago...