June Weekend Events

Weekend Events is back with a twist to the return of Bingo weekend for the rest of June!
We have brought back bingo so that there would be a wider range of bosses that vary in difficulty for the coming month event to change it up from the one category events!
As always, the event would be live from Friday 8AM EST till Sunday 8PM EST.

Bingo Event Information:

The Bingo event would revolve around a list of bosses (displayed in the picture below) which specific "announced drop" would count as a Bingo entry for the remainder of June.

The event would be "Active" during the start of the weekend on Friday 8AM EST and end on Sunday 8PM EST for the remainder of the month - which the fastest, second and third fastest completion winner will get their winnings!!

Exceptions for the Bingo:

Anything that isn't mentioned from the picture displayed above.


The bingo might be reverted to a month long event rather than a "weekend" only - Which would depend on the logged submissions and player participation! (So keep an eye out for all of your drops and log them accordingly with the date when you send them through).

The top 3 players with the most Bingo entries would win the following prizes:

First place prizes would include the selection of either 75m OSGP or 225 In-Game bonds Winner: Inq
Second place prizes would include the selection of either 20m OSGP or 60 In-Game bonds (each) Winners: "Xik, TheDonCaban, Robbin Hood and Hobbs311"
Third place Winner: N/A

The winners of this event would be tracked/announced on this thread and paid out after this event is done, so keep an eye out on this thread to view the winners!
Pictures of the drops can be taken when the drop is announced and sent to my discord at "ipoyy" for confirmation and tracking.

Reach out to a staff member if you have any questions! Best of luck during the Bingo event everyone!