Since the question has come up a lot lately of which weapons work on Corporeal Beast, listing the weapons that actually damage it from worst to best.
Corpbane weapons are a class of weapons that deal full damage against the Corporeal Beast when using the stab attack style.
Note: While many Corpbane weapons are spears, not all spears are effective against the Corporeal Beast. For instance, the Zamorakian hasta, though technically a spear, is not considered Corpbane.

Bronze spear
Iron spear
Steel spear
Black spear
Mithril spear
Adamant spear
Rune spear
Dragon spear
Bone spear
Gilded spear
Leaf-bladed spear
Guthan's warspear
Zamorakian spear


Bronze halberd
Iron halberd
Steel halberd
Black halberd
White halberd
Mithril halberd
Adamant halberd
Rune halberd
Dragon halberd
Crystal halberd

Spec weapons:

Crystal halberd
Bandos Godsword
Dragon Warhammer