April Weekend Events

Prizes for each weekend event winners are - 75 In-Game Bonds or 25m OSGP

Events, as always will run from Friday 8am EST to Sunday 8pm EST. Winners will be announced on the BattleScape Discord channel "#Weekend-events" within 48h of the conclusion of the weekend's event. Event progress can be checked via the in-game hiscores board found east of home.

Friday 5 April - Sunday 7 April

Most Slayer Boss Drops
Winner: Kayne

Head back over to Nieve this weekend, select your boss task and get to bossing! Don't like your boss task? It only costs 2 vote tickets to cancel it and get another.

Friday 12 April - Sunday 14 April

The Gauntlet Drop

Another throwback to the core bosses of the server, rather than turning to the experience driven weekend events as previous months... Let's have a different approach and this week we'll focus on the drops you get from the Gauntlet and flex your blade's or BOFA's.... Good Luck Gamers!

Friday 19 April - Sunday 21 April

Most Skilling Experienced Gained
Winner: Robbin Hood

For this weekend you can lay back and take it easy, as it's going to be revolving the experience gained from skilling rather than being combat... The skillers in the server will have the upper hand as it'd be the last week of the month that would have a laid back event prior to kicking up a notch or two!

Friday 26 April - Sunday 28 April

Announced Drops
Winner: ConLovesHaze

This weekend's event doesn't require much! Grab your gear, head out to some bosses, and start camping. The player who's name appears the most time with announced drops not only gets the satisfaction of the drops, but will take home the event prize as well!

Reach out to a staff member if you have any questions! Best of luck in this month's events everyone!