Birdhouse Run Guide -Passive Hunter XP

A quick run through of a birdhouse run to earn a little bit of xp in between doing chins/salamanders etc.
Hunter Outfit - Larupia Set: This can be purchased from the in-game bond store for 40 bonds, the set is a 3 piece outfit that gives the user a 10% bonus to their experience, this stacks with donator ranks.

Note: Clockworks can be obtained by the "skilling seller" and logs can be obtained by chopping (For regular & Normal accounts)

*Only need Log/clockwork on first run, but will need hammer/chisel and log thereafter.*

*You will receive your clockwork back after you empty the birdhouse*


5-15 Hunter: Regular Birdhouse (5 Crafting, 1 log)
15-25 Hunter: Oak Birdhouse (15 Crafting, 1 Oak log)
25-35 Hunter: Willow Birdhouse (25 Crafting, 1 Willow log)
35-45 Hunter: Teak Birdhouse (35 Crafting, 1 teak log)
45-50 Hunter: Maple Birdhouse (45 Crafting, 1 Maple log)
50-60 Hunter: Mahogany Birdhouse (50 Crafting, 1 Mahogany log)
60-75 Hunter: Yew Birdhouse (60 Crafting, 1 Yew log)
75-90 Hunter: Magic Birdhouse (75 Crafting, 1 Magic log)
90-99 Hunter: Redwood Birdhouse (90 Crafting, 1 Redwood log)

Inventory/Worn Example:

Shortcut: You can unlock the "Mushroom Shortcut" by unlocking the mushrooms to teleport between the locations.
Doing this will provide a faster run by eliminating run time between locations.

1st time only:
Start by traveling East to green point (seen below) and discovering the mushroom. (Volcano)
Then make your to the far west, then north to the red Point to unlock it. Once complete, you will be able to teleport between both locations. (Tar Swamp/Mushroom forest)
Once unlocked, run East to do the southern/Northern then teleport to 2nd location as a repeated run.

The mushroom will look like this:

Teleport menu looks as follows:

Getting there:
Step 1: Click Spell book --> Teleport Menu --> "Cities" --> "Fossil Island"

Setting up the Birdhouses:
Step 1: Run South-East until you reach this point (Green Route, Red Route, Pink Route) (Please refer to "Shortcut" section for visual representation of color coded run route)

Step 2: Employ Birdhouse by using the birdhouse in inventory and then clicking on "Build Space". Below is the "build space, as well as the locations for each house.

Step 3: Once Birdhouse is erect, use "Barley Seeds" on the birdhouse

Step 4: Repeat Steps 1 - 3 for a full Birdhouse run to be completed

Step 5: Return in 1 hour from time you place seeds in the Birdhouse or when the timer says they are completed in the Runelite plug-in.