March Weekend Events

Weekend Events is back with the long-awaited return of Bingo weekend for the rest of March weekends!
We have brought back bingo so that there would be a wider range of bosses that vary in difficulty for the weekend event to change it up from the one category events!
As always, the event would be live from Friday 8AM EST till Sunday 8PM EST.

Bingo Event Information:

The Bingo event would revolve around a list of bosses (displayed in the picture below) which any "announced drop" would count as a Bingo for completing 5 in a row whether horizontal, vertical or diagonally in the list.

The event would be "Active" during the start of the weekend on Friday 8AM EST and end on Sunday 8PM EST for the remainder of the month - which the fastest, second and third fastest completion winner will get their winnings!!

Exceptions for the Bingo:

Cosmetic drops from Chambers of Xerics and Theatre of Blood would not count as an entry (Kits and Dust).

The top 3 players with the most Bingo entries would win the following prizes:

First place prizes would include the selection of either 75m OSGP or 225 In-Game bonds Winner: Barrage
Second place prizes would include the selection of either 45m OSGP or 135 In-Game bonds Winner: Zazu
Third place prizes would include the selection of either 15m OSGP or 45 In-Game bonds Winner: Parazitas

The winners of this event would be tracked/announced on this thread and paid out after this event is done, so keep an eye out on this thread to view the winners!

Bingo Continuation (Last weekend of March):

Since the top 3 slots were taken up prior to the month of March concluding, the weekend events would continue on with respect to as many bingo's people can get throughout the last weekend of the event (or unique bingo entries from different boss for that matter). With that being said, players that achieve 2 drops from General Graardor it'll count for 1 "bingo" entry ticket, which would summarize the individual unique drops attained from the plethora of bosses displayed above. The winner (player with the most unique boss "bingo tickets") will be the winner of 75 in-game bonds. Goodluck everyone!

Most unique bingo entries gained for the last weekend: 75 In-Game bonds Winner: Zazu with 6 entries

Reach out to a staff member if you have any questions! Best of luck during the Bingo event everyone!