I want to talk about what is to come for battlescape.

I enjoy playing it as most of us do, but Im starting to get demotivated playing as there has been no real new content.
I've also been here for a long time and i know this isnt a full time job for xei or palidino running a server, but all in all, you run it.

It's super frustrating making online friends on here, only for them to leave a few months after. its a recurring cycle that just doesn't stop.
It comes down to lack of bug fixing and lack of new content updates.
It's also super concerning seeing no increase in player numbers over the last few years or so.
The wildy is absolutely dead so it doesn't entice any pkers to come play battlescape.
'Gap" is buggy on here as you can be gapped by 6 squares and pjed by NPC's which is mega frustrating.

I know you released Phanton Muspah, but let's be 100% real, we appreciate it, but nobody wanted it. It's dead content, and Xei i think you secretly know that lol

For the sake of the server, I really think (along with others i just had a discussion with) that the release of TOA or DT2 Bosses should be rushed as a priority because lets be real...
otherwise by the time its released, there will be no one here to do it as per the player numbers dropping ...
This is an awesome server, hense why ive been for on multiple accounts for 7 years, but my gosh.... why would someone who wants to explore a new server come here, when there are multiple others with 1,000 players online and all the new content updates. I know that's hard to hear, but be real. surely you can see what I'm Saying.

I know this is a source of income for the owners, so making IRL money from this server is a priority for you both, thats just business, I understand that.
But man...... you can release all the new upgraded mystery boxes and all the new UDZ zones you want, but if theres no one here then theres no one buying bonds..

Please do not take this as a server bash, its strictly just a frustrated long time player not wanting to see this game die in the ass.......

P.S dont ban me