This guide will help you to complete the Training Day Achievements for the following rewards:

1- An Elite experience lamp which would scale depending on your game-mode difficulty
2- There won't be a need for Granite/Stone/Brimstone Boots within Karuulm Dungeon.
3- Rada's Blessing that gives +2 prayer bonus (Wieldable in the Ammunitions Slot) - Purchased from the npc "Twiggy" southwest of ::home in the Quest hut.


Craft one or more blood runes from essence:


77 Runecrafting, A pickaxe and a chisel.

To get this task done, you can start by talking to the wizard near Home bank or at the center of Donator zone.

Choose "skills" from the left hand interface - and then click on the "Kourend Runecrafting" option from the menu.

Or alternatively click on the magnifying glass at the top right of the interface and type down the teleport you'd like (or the monster you're looking for so it'd guide you on the dungeon it'd be found in).

Once there, mine the "Dense Runestone" to get "Dense Essence block" which would be needed for the next step.

Side note: This method is used to train runecrafting post 77 runecrafting - Mine a full inventory and follow the following steps and repeat before crafting blood runes to runecraft two stacks in one go.

Once you attain one or more from the "Dense Essence Block" Run towards the north and use the shortcut as displayed below, or click to the north of the shortcut if you don't have the agility levels required.

After you make it north of the shortcut, head west till you reach this altar to "venerate" the blocks from "Dense Essence Block" to "Dark Essence Block".

The blocks would have a darker complexity to them as seen in the image above - Use the chisel on them to get the "Dark Essence Fragments" and teleport back to Kourend Runecrafting for the last step(s) of this task.

Head east from the Kourend Skilling teleport to the position displayed in the picture above and run south-west till you reach the altar.

Click on the altar to craft blood runes.

Congratulations, you have completed this task!

Chop some redwood logs:

Requirement: 90 Woodcutting.

Talk to the wizard at home or Donator zone and teleport to "skills" - Woodcutting Guide.

Head west from the teleport spot and go up the ladder and chop the Redwood to complete this task.

Once you go up the ladder - chop the Redwood tree and once you get a log you've completed this task!

Defeat Skotizo in the Catacomb of Kourend:

Requirements: A complete Dark Totem (attained from combining the Top + Middle and Base of the Dark totem through killing the npc's in Catacomb of Kourend).

Beneficial Requirements: Arclight as it's a strong demonbane weapon that would one shot the awakened altars withing the Skotizo encounter + Deals good damage to the boss - Check out this thread for the quest guide for Evil Dave on how to get the Dark light, then use it on the same altar in Catacomb of Kourend with atleast 3 Ancient shards to make the arclight.

Teleport through the wizard to "Dungeons" - "Catacomb of kourend" and use the Dark Totem on the altar to start the encounter - Use the totem on the same altar that was displayed in the gif above to enter the skotizo encounter.

Catch an Anglerfish and cook it whilst in Great Kourend:

Requirements: 82 fishing (Fishing rod and Sandworms for bait) and 84 fishing, as well as a log + tinderbox to finish the requirement in one go.

Side note: You can bring your own Raw Anglerfish (or multiple ones if you're not 99 cooking, since 99 cook cape wouldn't let you burn any fish) to bypass any fishing requirements.

Teleport using the Wizard at home or Donator Zone - Click on "Cities" and teleport to "Piscarilius House".

Head South-east from teleport spot to the fishing spot - Fish an anglerfish - Light the fire and cook the angler.

Congratulations, you finished this task!

Kill a hydra in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon:

Requirement: 95 Slayer, Stone boots, Brimstone boots or Granite boots (to access Karuulm dungeon without taking typeless damage from the floor).

Teleport using the Wizard to Dungeons - Karuulm Dungeon.

Run north and climb over the rocks.

And finally head north till you find the Hydras then kill one for the task.

Basic mechanics - Starts out with either Ranged/Magic attacks for 3 hits then alternates to the other style. Another 3 hits and it'd switch back to either magic or ranged. A poison special attack would be thrown to your current location and nearby areas after the 3rd hit (so if it was ranged hits, it'd be 2 ranged hits then the special attack).

Protect accordingly during this fight and once the hydra is dead, this task would be completed!

Complete a raid in the Chambers of Xeric:

This task can be completed either in a solo run or a group Olm run (you don't need to do a full Chambers of Xeric lobby to get it completed - Can be done through solo olm instance).

For a guide on Chambers of Xerics, check out these threads.

C C's Solo guide: Thread

Spoiler for :

Hello everyone!

Iron Zaytho has kindly shared with us his solo video for Olm. Check it out and be sure to thank him in game. Maybe toss him a like and a follow.

Below are some helpful tips as you prepare to face Olm. As always, feel free to DM me anywhere you have access to if you need assistance!

You can adjust the gear as necessary to what you have, you do not need to bring your own potions or food.

Olm will perform various attacks throughout the fight. These first three are the special attacks that happen only while olm's melee hand is alive. The 3 attacks will rotate in the same order.

Crystal Burst: Olm throws a crystal seedling under every player in the chamber. A few seconds later, the crystals burst and shove the player to a nearby tile if they are on top of them for heavy damage. The left hand will briefly show a crystal icon when using this attack.

Lightning: Shoots out lightning running north and/or south of the chamber. Getting hit by a bolt of lightning electrocutes the player, disabling their overhead prayers, dealing moderate damage, and binding them. The left hand will briefly show a lightning bolt when using this attack.

Swap: Olm will perform a teleport attack that deals damage the further the player is from the target. The left hand briefly shows a swirl when using this attack. If alone, Olm will pick a random tile anywhere in the chamber; if there are more players in the room, Olm will evenly distribute the amount of teleports. If there is an odd-numbered amount of people inside, then those people will not be subjected to the attack.

The next attacks are attacks that Olm will use throughout the entirety of the fight regardless of the status of his hands.

Standard attacks: Olm has two standard attacks: Magic and Ranged. The magic attacks are large green orbs, while the ranged attacks are smaller chunks of crystal. Both deal the same amount of damage. Prayer reduces the damage by roughly 75-80%.

Spheres: Olm randomly picks a sphere (red, green or purple) and sends it at the player. If not blocked, the player will be damaged approximately 50% of their current Hitpoints. If a protection prayer was used when the sphere was launched, it is disabled and the player's Prayer is reduced by 50%. To block the attack, pray accordingly before and as the sphere hits you:

Red (sphere of aggression): Protect from Melee

Green (sphere of accuracy and dexterity): Protect from Missiles

Purple (sphere of magical power): Protect from Magic

Acid Spray: Olm spits out several pools of acid around the chamber. Standing on top of an acid pool deals 3-6 damage per tick and inflicts poison starting at 2 damage.

Acid Drip: Olm covers a player in acid, causing them to generate acid pools under them. Standing still will deal damage and moving will generate more pools, though it is not much of a deal in small groups. The pools function the same way as the pools in the spray attack.

Falling Crystals: During phase transitions and the last phase, Olm causes chunks of crystal to fall from above. These crystals have a 3x3 AoE; getting directly hit (underneath the shadow) by them will deal 16-25 damage, while getting indirectly hit (one tile from centre) deals 10-16 damage. One crystal will always be aimed at a random player in the chamber. A shadow will indicate where the crystal will land.

Congratulations! You have completed the Kebos diaries!